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André de Brienne d. 1181

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Lineage Brienne
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) André de Brienne

Erard II (Evrard) Brienne [Brienne] b. 1130 d. 8 February 1191

Agnes Montfaucon [Montfaucon] b. about 1150 d. about 1200


1181 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adélaïde de Vaudémont
birth: 1115
marriage: Gautier de Brienne
title: 1138, Comtesse de Brienne
Gautier de Brienne
birth: after 1095, Brienne-le-Château, France
title: 1114, Comte de Brienne et Seigneur de Ramerupt
marriage: Humbelina de Soissons
marriage: Adélaïde de Vaudémont
death: before 1156
Humbelina de Soissons
birth: 1100
marriage: Gautier de Brienne
title: 1124, Comtesse de Brienne et Dame de Ramerupt
death: 1137
André de Brienne
birth: 1135
death: 1189
Guy de Brienne
death: about 1143
Jean de Brienne
death: 1191
Erard II (Evrard) Brienne
birth: 1130, France, Brienne, France
title: 1161, Count of Brienne
marriage: Agnes Montfaucon
death: 8 February 1191, Acre (Israel)
Agnes Montfaucon
birth: about 1150, Montfaucon, France
title: before 1166, Comtesse de Brienne
marriage: Erard II (Evrard) Brienne
death: about 1200
== 3 ==
Jean (John) du Brienne
birth: 1170
title: from 1210 - 1212, King of Jerusalem
title: from 1210 - 1225, Regent von Jerusalem
marriage: Maria Montferrat (Queen of Jerusalem) , Tyr or Acre (Israël)
marriage: Rita d'Arménie
marriage: Berenguela de Leon
title: from 1231 - 1237, Roman Emperor of Constantinople
death: 23 March 1237
Walter III of Brienne
title: 8 February 1191, Roi titulaire de Sicile
title: 1200, Comte de Brienne
marriage: Elvira Lecce
death: 1205
Guillaume de Brienne
birth: 1168
death: 1199
== 3 ==

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