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Ricka Epstein (Wachenheimer) b. 7 April 1834 d. 23 December 1914

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Lineage Epstein
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ricka Epstein
Other last names Wachenheimer

Isaias Epstein [Epstein]

Torchen Schweizer (Epstein) [Schweizer]


7 April 1834 birth: Möhringen

child birth: Hannchen Wachenheimer [Wachenheimer]

child birth: Moritz Wachenheimer [Wachenheimer]

child birth: Sophie Wachenheimer [Wachenheimer]

child birth: Julius Wachenheimer [Wachenheimer]

marriage: Heinrich Wachenheimer [Wachenheimer] b. 10 September 1833 d. 4 February 1911

16 August 1861 child birth: Max Naphtali Wachenheimer [Wachenheimer] b. 16 August 1861 d. 2 August 1925

23 December 1914 death: Kippenheim


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Heinrich Wachenheimer
birth: 10 September 1833
marriage: Ricka Epstein (Wachenheimer)
death: 4 February 1911
Ricka Epstein (Wachenheimer)
birth: 7 April 1834, Möhringen
marriage: Heinrich Wachenheimer
death: 23 December 1914, Kippenheim
== 2 ==
Max Naphtali Wachenheimer
birth: 16 August 1861
marriage: Lina Weissmann (Wachenheimer)
death: 2 August 1925
Ella Eichel (Wachenheimer)
birth: 8 August 1894, Germany
marriage: Hugo Wachenheimer
death: Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland
Hugo Wachenheimer
birth: 21 September 1889, Germany
marriage: Ella Eichel (Wachenheimer)
death: 19 August 1942, Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland
Oskar Wachenheimer
birth: 6 March 1893
marriage: Käthe Ehrlich (Wachenheimer)
death: 27 August 1942, Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland

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