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David Albarral (Silván) b. 20 April 2010

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Lineage Albarral
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) David Albarral
Other last names Silván

Beatriz Silván (Avilés) [Silván] b. 5 September 1974 d. 27 January 2023

José Luis Albarral (García) [Albarral]


20 April 2010 birth: Barcelona

From grandparents to grandchildren

Carmen Pilar Silván (de Ubarri)
birth: 19 September 1942
marriage: Rafael Vila , Barcelona
Javier Silván (de Ubarri)
birth: 11 June 1945, Barcelona
marriage: Elisa Aviles
María Lourdes Silván (de Ubarri)
birth: 26 September 1950, Barcelona
marriage: Miguel Segura (Just) , Barcelona
Elisa Aviles
birth: 8 March 1949, Barcelona
marriage: Javier Silván (de Ubarri)
Isabel de Avilés (Cantero)
birth: 9 December 1953, Barcelona
Mª Eugenia de Avilés (Cantero)
birth: 4 January 1955, Barcelona
Belén Silván (de Avilés)
birth: 20 January 1979, Barcelona
Beatriz Silván (Avilés)
birth: 5 September 1974, Barcelona
marriage: José Luis Albarral (García) , Barcelona, Tibidabo
death: 27 January 2023, Barcelona
== 3 ==
Tomás Albarral (Silván)
birth: 12 January 2006, Barcelona
David Albarral (Silván)
birth: 20 April 2010, Barcelona
== 3 ==

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