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Edward Stanley (3. Earl of Derby) b. 10 May 1509 d. 24 October 1572

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Lineage Stanley
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Edward Stanley
Other last names 3. Earl of Derby
Other given names Edward Stanley, 3. Earl of Derby

Thomas Stanley (2nd Earl of Derby) [Stanley] b. before 1485 d. 23 May 1521

Anne Hastings [Hastings] b. 1490 d. 1550

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10 May 1509 birth:

child birth: Mary Stanley [Stanley] d. 3 September 1609

1530 marriage: Dorothy Howard [Howard] b. about 1512

24 October 1572 death: Lathom, Lancashire, England

From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard Stanley
birth: 1464, Lathom, Lancashire (England)
Agnes Stanley
birth: 1477, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
James Stanley
birth: 1458, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
death: 22 March 1525
baptism lds: 5 July 1910
endownment lds: 22 November 1934, LOGAN - Logan Utah
seal. to parents lds: 8 September 1983, SLAKE - Salt Lake
Margaret Stanley
birth: 1473, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
Anne Stanley
birth: 1469, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
Catherine Stanley
birth: 1467, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
John Stanley
birth: 1460, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
William Stanley
birth: 1462, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
Thomas Stanley
birth: 1462, Lathom, Lancashire (England)
Alice Stanley
birth: 1475, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
Jane Stanley
birth: 1465, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
Edward Stanley
birth: 1463, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
title: Baron
other: Baron of Monteagle, Unknown
marriage: Elizabeth Vaughn , , , , England, Nov 1501
death: 7 April 1523, Hornby-with-Farleton, Lancashire (England), Hornby Castl
burial: Hornby-with-Farleton, Lancashire (England), St. Margaret Chapel
George Stanley
birth: 1460, Huyton, Lancashire (England), Knowsley
marriage: Joan Lestrange
death: 5 December 1497, Poissy, France
Joan Lestrange
birth: about 1463
marriage: George Stanley
death: 20 March 1514
Thomas Stanley (2nd Earl of Derby)
birth: before 1485
marriage: Anne Hastings
death: 23 May 1521
== 3 ==
Edward Stanley (3. Earl of Derby)
birth: 10 May 1509
marriage: Dorothy Howard
death: 24 October 1572, Lathom, Lancashire, England
== 3 ==
Edward Stafford (3rd Baron Stafford)
birth: 7 January 1535
marriage: Mary Stanley
death: 18 October 1603

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