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Antonio Böhler b. 29 September 1945

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Lineage Böhler
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Antonio Böhler

John Fitzgerald Kennedy [Kennedy] b. 29 May 1917 d. 22 November 1963

Elisabeth von Hortenau [Hortenau] b. 7 August 1921


29 September 1945 birth:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Benedikt Francis Kennedy
birth: 11 March 1891
death: 14 June 1892
Mary Loretta Kennedy (Connelly)
birth: 6 August 1892
marriage: George William Connelly
death: 18 November 1971
Margaret Louise Kennedy (Burke)
birth: 22 October 1898
marriage: Charles Joseph Burke
death: 14 November 1974
Joseph Patrick Kennedy
birth: 6 September 1888, Boston (Massachusetts), United States of America, East Boston
graduation: 1912, Harvard University, Bachelor
occupation: after 1912, Massachusetts, State Bank Examiner
marriage: Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald , Boston (Massachusetts), Suffolk County (Massachusetts), USA
title: after 7 October 1914, Collateral Loan Company (CLC), Director
title: 29 May 1917, Massachusetts Electric Company, officer (?)
death: 18 November 1969, Hyannis Port (Massachusetts), United States of America
burial: Brookline (Massachusetts), United States of America, Holyhood Cemetery
Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald
birth: 22 July 1890, Boston, Massachussetts, United States of America
marriage: Joseph Patrick Kennedy , Boston (Massachusetts), Suffolk County (Massachusetts), USA
death: 22 January 1995, Hyannis Port, Massachussetts, United States of America
Karl I Franz Josef Ludwig Hubert Georg Maria of Habsburg-Lorraine
birth: 17 August 1887, Persenbeug-Gottsdorf, Lower Austria, Austria
marriage: Zita Maria Delle Grazie Adelgonda Micaela Raffaela Gabriella Giuseppina Antonia Luisa Agnese di Borbone di Parma , Schwarzau am Steinfeld, Austria
title: 22 November 1916, Kaiser von Österreich
other: 1 November 1918, abdication
death: 1 November 1922, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Nossa Senhora do Monte
Hildegard von Hortenau
birth: 7 March 1894, Vienna (Austria)
marriage: Mihály Pál Kuczor
birth: 2 June 1896
marriage: Alfred Joseph von Hortenau
death: 1962
Alfred Joseph von Hortenau
birth: 10 November 1892, Niedersigen, Germany
marriage: Elizabeth
death: 1956, Pinellas County (Florida), USA
birth: 1893
marriage: Richard Böhler
death: 1966
Robert Francis Kennedy
birth: 20 November 1925
marriage: Ethel Skakel (Kennedy)
death: 6 June 1968, Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Assassinated
Edward Moore Kennedy
birth: 22 February 1932, Boston (Massachusetts), United States of America
religion: Roman Catholic
marriage: Virginia Joan Bennett (Kennedy)
title: from 6 November 1962 - 25 August 2009, United States Senator from Massachusetts
divorce: Virginia Joan Bennett (Kennedy)
marriage: w Victoria Anne Reggie (Kennedy) , McLean (Virginia), United States
death: 25 August 2009, Hyannis Port (Massachusetts), United States, brain cancer
Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.
birth: 25 July 1915, Hull (Massachusetts), United States of America
death: 12 August 1944, Suffolk (England), Died on air mission in World War II
Eunice Mary Kennedy (Shriver)
birth: 10 July 1921, Brookline (Massachusetts), United States of America
marriage: Robert Sargent Shriver Jr.
death: 11 August 2009, Hyannis (Massachusetts)
Rosemary Kennedy
birth: 13 September 1918, Brookline (Massachusetts), United States of America
death: 7 January 2005, Fort Atkinson (Wisconsin), USA
Kathleen Kennedy
birth: 20 February 1920, Brookline (Massachusetts), United States of America
marriage: William Cavendish , Chelsea (London)
death: 13 May 1948, Saint-Bauzile (Ardèche), France, Died in airplane crash
Patricia Kennedy (Lawford)
birth: 6 May 1924, Brookline (Massachusetts), United States of America
marriage: Peter Sydney Lawford
divorce: Peter Sydney Lawford
death: 18 September 2006
Jean Ann Kennedy
birth: 20 February 1928, Boston (Massachusetts), United States of America
marriage: w Stephen Edward Smith , New York City, USA
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (Kennedy, Onassis)
birth: 28 July 1929
marriage: John Fitzgerald Kennedy , Newport, Rhode Island, United States
marriage: Aristotelis Sokratis Onassis
death: 19 May 1994
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
birth: 29 May 1917, Brookline (Massachusetts), United States of America
education: 1931, Wallingford (Connecticut), Choate Rosemary Hall Internat für Jungen Besuch der ersten öffentlichen Schule
graduation: from 1936 - June 1940, Cambridge (Massachusetts), Harvard University
military service: 1941, USA
caste: November 1952, Massachusetts, USA, Senator
marriage: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (Kennedy, Onassis) , Newport, Rhode Island, United States
title: from 20 January 1961 - 22 November 1963, President of the United States, 35th
death: 22 November 1963, Dallas (Texas), United States of America, Assassinated
Elisabeth von Hortenau
birth: 7 August 1921, Hinterbrühl, Österreich
marriage: N de Lanett
== 3 ==
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
birth: 25 November 1960, Washington D.C., United States of America
marriage: Carolyn Bessette (Kennedy) , Géorgie (États-Unis)
death: 16 July 1999, United States of America, Plane Crash
Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (Schlossberg)
birth: 27 November 1957, New York City, USA
marriage: Edwin Arthur Schlossberg
occupation: from 12 November 2013 -, Japan, Ambassadrice des États-Unis au Japon
Partick Bouvier Kennedy
birth: 7 August 1963, Falmouth (Massachusetts), Barnstable County (Massachusetts), USA
death: 9 August 1963, Boston (Massachusetts), Suffolk County (Massachusetts), USA
burial: 9 August 1963, Arlington County (Virginia), USA, Arlington National Cemetery
Arabella Kennedy
birth: 23 August 1956
death: 23 August 1956
Francisco Hevia del Puerto
birth: 1942
death: 1942
Antonio Böhler
birth: 29 September 1945
== 3 ==

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