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Аnna d'Anhalt-Dessau

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Lineage Anhalt
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Аnna d'Anhalt-Dessau

Siegmund I von Anhalt-Zerbst [Anhalt-Zerbst] d. 19 January 1405

Jutta von Querfurt [Querfurt] b. about 1370 d. after 1412


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Albrecht III von Anhalt
birth: about 1340
death: about 1 August 1359
Rudolf II von Anhalt-Zerbst
birth: about 1340
title: 11 June 1365, Avignon, Bischof von Schwerin
death: 3 September 1365, Coswig (Anhalt)
Johann I von Anhalt-Zerbst
birth: about 1340
title: 17 July 1362, Prinz von Anhalt-Zerbst
marriage: Элизабет
death: 11 April 1382
marriage: Johann I von Anhalt-Zerbst
title: 1366, Princesse d'Anhalt-Zerbst
death: after 20 January 1420, Дессау
Albrecht IV von Anhalt-Köthen
title: 11 April 1382, Zerbst, Prince d'Anhalt-Zerbst
title: 1396, Prince d'Anhalt-Köthen
marriage: Elisabeth von Mansfeld
marriage: Elisabeth von Querfurt-Naumburg
death: 24 November 1423
Аgnese d'Anhalt-Zerbst
death: before 5 July 1392
Siegmund I von Anhalt-Zerbst
title: 11 April 1382, Furst von Anhalt-Zerbst
marriage: Jutta von Querfurt
title: 1391, Prince d'Anhalt-Dessau
death: 19 January 1405
Gebhard XV von Querfurt-Naumburg
birth: 1342
birth: about 1400
Jutta von Querfurt
birth: about 1370
marriage: Siegmund I von Anhalt-Zerbst
title: 1386, Princesse d'Anhalt-Zerbst
title: 1391, Princesse d'Anhalt-Dessau
death: after 1412
== 3 ==
Georg I von Anhalt-Zerbst
birth: 1390
title: 19 January 1405, князь Ангальт-Дессау
marriage: Маthilda d'Anhalt-Bernbourg
marriage: Euphemia von Oels
marriage: Sofie von Honstein
marriage: Anna de Lindow-Ruppin
death: 21 September 1474
Waldemar IV von Anhalt-Zerbst
birth: about 1387
title: 1405, Furst von Anhalt-Zerbst
death: after 22 July 1417
Mathilda d'Anhalt-Dessau
birth: 1392, в детстве
death: 1463
== 3 ==

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