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Maria Abrahams van den Houten b. 17 March 1743

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Lineage Houten
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maria Abrahams van den Houten

Abraham van den Houten [Houten] b. 14 January 1693 d. 11 May 1775

Tannetje Wouters Muijs [Muijs] b. 17 October 1717

Reference numbers GEDCOM::07040701.ged::INDI @I19@::Eric Ouwerkerk


17 March 1743 birth: Nieuwe Tonge

estimated 1765 marriage: Jacob Hugos Hartman [Hartman] b. 2 February 1736

25 December 1771 child birth: Herkingen, Hugo Hartman [Hartman] b. 25 December 1771

From grandparents to grandchildren

Pieter van de Houten
birth: estimated 1670, Middelharnis
marriage: Adriana Mierop
death: 24 June 1719, Nieuwe Tonge
Adriana Mierop
birth: 13 May 1688, Nieuwe Tonge
marriage: Pieter van de Houten
death: before September 1710
Wouter Muijs
birth: estimated 1690
marriage: Maria Brugmans , Herkingen
Maria Brugmans
birth: estimated 1695
marriage: Wouter Muijs , Herkingen
Abraham van den Houten
birth: 14 January 1693, Middelharnis
marriage: Tannetje Wouters Muijs , Dirksland
death: 11 May 1775, Nieuwe Tonge
Tannetje Wouters Muijs
birth: 17 October 1717, Herkingen
marriage: Abraham van den Houten , Dirksland
== 3 ==
Jacob Hugos Hartman
birth: 2 February 1736, Nieuwe Tonge
marriage: Maria Abrahams van den Houten
== 3 ==
Gieltje Stouw
birth: about 1758
death: 24 March 1825, Oude-Tonge
Hugo Hartman
birth: 25 December 1771, Herkingen
Maria van der Spaan
birth: about 1784
marriage: Willem Hugosz Hartman
death: 19 February 1840, Oude-Tonge
Willem Hugosz Hartman
birth: 6 November 1787, Oude Tonge
marriage: Maria van der Spaan

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