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Madeleine Pinot (de Fontaine) (Dame de La Caillemotte)

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Lineage Pinot
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Madeleine Pinot (de Fontaine)
Other last names Dame de La Caillemotte


child birth: Maximilien Massue [Massue]

child birth: Pierre Massue (Peter Massey) [Massue]

child birth: Henry I de Massue (1st Marquis de Ruvigny) [Massue]

1603 child birth: Rachel de Massue (Ruvigny) [Massue] b. 1603 d. 16 February 1640

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Daniel Massue (d'Hozier) (Sn de Ruvigny)
occupation: Governor of the Bastille
== 1 ==
Thomas Wriothesley
birth: 10 March 1607
marriage: Elizabeth Leigh , France, Charenton
death: 16 May 1667, England
burial: 18 June 1667, Titchfield, Hampshire (England)
Rachel de Massue (Ruvigny)
birth: 1603
death: 16 February 1640
Ralph Montagu
birth: 24 December 1638
marriage: Elizabeth Wriothesley , Titchfield
death: 9 March 1709
Elizabeth Wriothesley
birth: about 1646, Titchfield, Hampshire (England)
marriage: Joceline Percy (11. Earl of Northumberland)
marriage: Ralph Montagu , Titchfield
death: before 19 September 1690
William Russell
birth: 29 September 1639, England, Thornhaugh, Northampton
marriage: Rachel Wriothesley
death: 21 July 1683, London, Executed in Lincoln's Inn Fields
burial: 2 August 1683, Chenies, Buckinghamshire, England
Francis Vaughan (of Carbery)
marriage: Rachel Wriothesley , Titchfield, Hampshire (England), License Faculty
Rachel Wriothesley
birth: 19 September 1637, Titchfield, Hampshire (England)
other: Robert Relationship, wife of the eighth cousin 8x removed (???)
marriage: William Russell
marriage: Francis Vaughan (of Carbery) , Titchfield, Hampshire (England), License Faculty
death: 29 September 1723, Southamptonhouse, Bloomsbury
burial: 8 October 1723, Chenies, Buckinghamshire, England
Henri de Massue (Earl of Galway)
birth: 9 April 1648
title: 2nd Marquis de Ruvigny
religion: Huguenot
death: 3 September 1720

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