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Avery Vann (Brother of James Vann)

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Lineage Vann
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Avery Vann
Other last names Brother of James Vann

John Joseph Vann [Vann] b. 1746

Mary Christiana Vann [Vann]


child birth: Salley Vann [Vann]

residence: Saluda River, Carolina

1 January 1800 child birth: Georgia (U.S. state), David Vann [Vann] b. 1 January 1800


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  • Saludy River, Carolina

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Edward Vann
birth: 1720, Bertie County (North Carolina)
marriage: Mary Barnes
death: 1810, Hertford County (North Carolina)
Mary Barnes
birth: 1718, Chowan County (North Carolina)
marriage: Edward Vann
death: 1748, North Carolina
Wa-Wli (Wur-li) Moytoy (Vann)
birth: 1747, Spring Place, State of Georgia
marriage: Clement Avery Vann , Spring Place, State of Georgia
death: 1835, Spring Place, State of Georgia
John Joseph Vann
birth: 1746
Susannah Soonacooie (Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi)
birth: 1764, Georgia (U.S. state), Eastern Cherokee Nation
death: 14 March 1818, Suwanee (Georgia), Gwinnett County (Georgia), Suwanee Old Town
Mary Christiana Vann
religion: 1819, Lutherian, Moravian Bretheren Baptism
== 3 ==
Alsey Vann
birth: 1765, Tennessee
marriage: John SR Rogers
burial: Fort Gibson (Oklahoma), Fort Gibson National Cemetery
James Clement Vann
birth: 1766
death: 9 February 1809, Chatsworth (Georgia), Spring Place
burial: Forsyth County (Georgia)
Avery Vann (Brother of James Vann)
residence: Saluda River, Carolina
== 3 ==
Robert Rogers
birth: 1785, Burke County (Georgia)
death: 4 July 1842, Georgia (U.S. state)
David Vann
birth: 1 January 1800, Georgia (U.S. state)
birth: 23 December 1863, Indian Territory
Clement Vann Rogers
birth: 1839
death: 1911

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