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María Lopez de Luna b. 1357 d. 29 December 1406

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Lineage Luna
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) María Lopez de Luna

Lope Ferrench de Luna (Fernández de Luna) [Luna]


1357 birth: Pedrola

child birth: Juan d'Aragon [Aragon]

child birth: Jaime d'Aragon [Aragon]

child birth: Margarita d'Aragon [Aragon]

1372 title: Comtesse de Besalu et de Xerica

1372 marriage: Martin I von Aragón [Aragonien] b. 29 July 1356 d. 31 May 1410

1374 child birth: w Martin I von Sizilien [Barcelona] b. 1374 d. 25 July 1409

19 May 1396 title: Foix (09), Reine d'Aragon

13 April 1399 other: Saragosse, Couronnement

29 December 1406 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Martin I von Aragón
birth: 29 July 1356, Perpignan, oder Girona
title: 1368, король Сицилии, 20-й под именем Мартин II Старший)
marriage: María Lopez de Luna
title: May 1372, король Арагона, 16-й
title: 19 May 1396, Barcelona
other: 13 April 1399, Saragosse, Couronnement
marriage: Marguerite de Prades
death: 31 May 1410, Barcelone
María Lopez de Luna
birth: 1357, Pedrola
title: 1372, Comtesse de Besalu et de Xerica
marriage: Martin I von Aragón
title: 19 May 1396, Foix (09), Reine d'Aragon
other: 13 April 1399, Saragosse, Couronnement
death: 29 December 1406
== 3 ==
Бланка I Наваррская
birth: 6 July 1387
title: 26 December 1402, королева Сицилии
marriage: w Martin I von Sizilien
title: 18 January 1420, королева Наварры
marriage: John II Trastámara , Pamplona
title: 8 September 1425, герцогиня Немурская
death: 1 April 1441, Санта-Мария-ла-Реаль-де-Ньева, Кастилия
Maria de Sicile (Maria Ière)
birth: 1362
title: 1377, Reine de Sicile
title: 29 November 1391, Barcelone, Infante d'Aragon
marriage: w Martin I von Sizilien , Barcelona
death: 1401
Martin I von Sizilien
birth: 1374
title: 29 November 1391, король Сицилии
marriage: Maria de Sicile (Maria Ière) , Barcelona
marriage: Бланка I Наваррская
death: 25 July 1409, Cagliari

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