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Ángela Guevara y Sáenz

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Lineage Guevara
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ángela Guevara y Sáenz


child birth: Lucía Alvarado y Guevara [Alvarado]

child birth: Pedro José Alvarado y Guevara [Alvarado]

marriage: Pedro Alvarado Vida Martel [Alvarado]

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
== 1 ==
Francisco Carazo Soto Y Barahona
birth: 22 October 1741, Cartago (Costa Rica)
marriage: Ana Jacoba Alvarado Baeza
death: 13 June 1794, Cartago, Costa Rica
Ana Jacoba Alvarado Baeza
birth: 25 July 1753
marriage: Francisco Carazo Soto Y Barahona
death: 14 April 1812, Cartago, Costa Rica
Pedro José Alvarado y Baeza
birth: 25 June 1767
other: from 1 December 1821 - 6 January 1822, Presidente de la Junta Interina del Gobierno de Costa Rica
burial: 9 July 1839, Cartago, Costa Rica
Ignacia Saénz Ulloa
birth: 31 July 1800, Cartago, Costa Rica
marriage: José Rafael Gallegos Alvarado , Cartago, Costa Rica
death: 1873, San Francisco, Estados Unidos
José Rafael Gallegos Alvarado
birth: 31 October 1784, Cartago, Costa Rica
marriage: Ignacia Saénz Ulloa , Cartago, Costa Rica
title: from March 1833 - March 1835, Costa Rica, Jefe de Estado de Costa Rica, 2º
title: 1849, San José, Costa Rica, Benemérito de la Patria
death: 14 August 1850, San José, Costa Rica

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