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Hassuili ? (Ḫaššuili)

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Lineage Ammonites
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Hassuili ?
Other last names Ḫaššuili

Alluwamna ? (Hittite - Middle Empire) [?]

Harapseki ? (Ḫarapšeki) [Hittite-Ammonites]


child birth: Zidanta II ? (Nephew of Hantili II) [?]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ura-Tarushu (Tayitetian) of Arzawa (Urhiteshub)
birth: about, Arsawa (Assuwa)
other: between -1493 and -1481, Leader of the revolt against Theban rule.
(Laban) Telipinu of Luhha (the Younger)
marriage: ? (Sister of Amuna)
other: Destruction of Ḫaššuwa (aka Sodom)
title: between -1525 and -1500
title: between -1550 and -1530, King of Hattusa
Amenmose (Ibarim) Pen-Nekhebet (Ahmose Si-Tayit, Ahmose Ben-Abana)
birth: Ur Kaśdim, (Founded in 1687 by Ur son of Kesed)
military service: Sodom, Edumea, Battle of Sodom
occupation: Egypt, Career Soldier / High Priest / Queen's Steward
residence: Zahi, Phoenicia, Commander of the Legions
residence: Naharin Hatti, Syria, Commander of the Legions
residence: Northern Imukehek, (Mekkah)
residence: Paddan-aram, Exile
nationality: Kashkan, Speaker of Palikur, Egyptian, Hattusi
title: King of Ebla
death: During the reign of Thutmoses III
death: about -1450, Alalakh, Hurria
religion: before -1430, Tyrwazi
religion: estimated -1425, Muasalim Devotee and Priest of El Elyon (Elohim/AlAllah)
burial: DB-320, Lower level of Machpelah (the double Tomb) of Khebron, (Hebrew sources say Hebron)
Idrimi I ? (of Alakhtum)
birth: Sanliurfa (Urfa)
residence: Emar
residence: Sanliurfa (Urfa, Caldea)
title: Prince of Aleppo
other: between -1500 and -1470, In Exile
title: between -1490 and -1460, Alalakh, King of Alakhtum
Alluwamna ? (Hittite - Middle Empire)
marriage: Harapseki ? (Ḫarapšeki)
emigration: banished to Malitaškur by Telipinu
title: between -1500 and -1490, Hittite King
== 3 ==
Hantili II
other: treaty between Ḫantili and Kizzuwatna’s king Paddatiššu
title: between -1490 and -1480, Hittite King
== 3 ==
Zidanta II ? (Nephew of Hantili II)
title: between -1480 and -1470

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