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Philipp zur Lippe b. 5 October 1560 d. 11 February 1583

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Lineage Lippe
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Philipp zur Lippe

Hermann Simon zur Lippe [Lippe] b. 1532 d. 1576

Ursula von Spiegelberg [Spiegelberg] d. 16 March 1583


5 October 1560 birth:

11 February 1583 death: Deutz (Cologne)

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ermengard zur Lippe
birth: about 1460
marriage: Jobst I von Hoya
death: about 1525
Simon V zur Lippe
birth: 1471
title: 1511, Landesherr der Herrschaft Lippe
marriage: Magdalena von Mansfeld , Detmold
title: 1528, Graf zur Lippe
death: 17 September 1536
Magdalena von Mansfeld
birth: about 1500
marriage: Simon V zur Lippe , Detmold
death: 23 January 1540, Brake (Lower Saxony)
Bernhard VIII zur Lippe
birth: 1527
title: 1536, Graf zur Lippe
marriage: Katharina von Waldeck-Eisenbrg
death: 1563
Hermann Simon zur Lippe
birth: 1532
title: Gf von Spiegelberg und Pyrmont
marriage: Ursula von Spiegelberg
death: 1576
== 3 ==
Philipp zur Lippe
birth: 5 October 1560
death: 11 February 1583, Deutz (Cologne)
== 3 ==

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