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Murat Sabancı (Sabanci)

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Lineage Sabancı
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Murat Sabancı
Other last names Sabanci

İhsan Sabancı (Sabanci) [Sabancı] b. 1931 d. 1979

Nevin Tenik [Tenik]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ömer Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 1 January 1906, Akçakaya (Talas), Ottoman Empire
marriage: Sadıka Sabancı (Sabanci) , Adana, Adana, Turkey
death: 22 February 1966, Istanbul, Turkey
Sadıka Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 1910, Akçakaya (Talas), Ottoman Empire
marriage: Ömer Sabancı (Sabanci) , Adana, Adana, Turkey
death: 1988, Istanbul, Turkey
Sakıp Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 7 April 1933, Akçakaya (Talas), Turkey
marriage: Türkan Civelek (Sabancı , Sabanci)
death: 10 April 2004, Istanbul, Turkey
Hacı Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 25 June 1935, Akçakaya (Talas), Turkey
marriage: Özcan Sabancı (Sabanci)
death: 24 June 1998, Istanbul, Turkey
Erol Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 1938, Akçakaya (Talas), Turkey
marriage: Belkıs
Özdemir Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 15 May 1941, Adana, Adana, Turkey
marriage: Sevda Girişken (Girisken, Sabancı, Sabanci)
death: 9 January 1996, Istanbul, Turkey
İhsan Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 1931, Akçakaya (Talas), Turkey
marriage: Nevin Tenik
marriage: Yüksel Tarcan (Sabancı, Sabanci)
death: 1979, Istanbul, Turkey
== 3 ==
Güler Sabancı (Sabanci)
birth: 1955, Adana, Turkey
== 3 ==

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