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Jacob Epstein b. 10 November 1880 d. 19 August 1959

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Lineage Epstein
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Jacob Epstein
Wiki-page wikipedia:de:Jacob Epstein


10 November 1880 birth: New York City

1926 child birth: Kathleen Garman [Garman] b. 1926 d. 2011

19 August 1959 death: London

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Kathleen Garman
birth: 15 May 1901
death: August 1979
Jacob Epstein
birth: 10 November 1880, New York City
death: 19 August 1959, London
== 1 ==
Lucian Freud
birth: 8 December 1922, Berlin, Germany
title: Order of the British Empire
marriage: Bernadine Coverley
marriage: Katherine Margaret McAdam (Freud)
marriage: Suzy Boyt
marriage: w Jacquetta Jean Frederica Lampson
marriage: Kathleen Garman
divorce: Kathleen Garman
marriage: w Caroline Blackwood , Paris, France
divorce: w Caroline Blackwood , Mexico
title: 1983, Order of the Companions of Honour
title: 1993, Order of Merit
death: 20 July 2011, London, England
Esther Freud
birth: 2 May 1963, London, England
marriage: David Morrissey
Paul Freud
birth: 1959
Francis Michael Freud
birth: 16 November 1971

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