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Salentin VII von Isenburg b. about 1470 d. after 24 September 1534

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Lineage Isenburg
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Salentin VII von Isenburg

Gerlach III von Isenburg [Isenburg] d. 1502

Hildegard von Sirck [Sirck] b. about 1435 d. after 1478


about 1470 birth:

title: Herr in Salm und Hunolstein

1497 marriage: Elisabeth Vogt von Hunolstein [Vogt] d. 1538

about 1500 child birth: Johannette von Isenburg [Isenburg] b. about 1500 d. 1563

about 1500 child birth: Jutta von Isenburg [Isenburg] b. about 1500 d. 28 July 1564

about 1510 child birth: Anna von Isenburg-Neumagen [Isenburg] b. about 1510 d. 28 July 1581

after 24 September 1534 death:

burial: Rommersdorf


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Gerlach II von Isenburg
title: Herr in Grenzau
death: 1488
Gerlach III von Isenburg
title: Herr in Grenzau
marriage: Hildegard von Sirck
death: 1502
Hildegard von Sirck
birth: about 1435
marriage: Gerlach III von Isenburg
death: after 1478
== 3 ==
Gerlach IV von Isenburg
birth: about 1490
title: Herr in Isenburg, Herschbach und Meinsberg
death: 9 September 1530
Salentin VII von Isenburg
birth: about 1470
title: Herr in Salm und Hunolstein
marriage: Elisabeth Vogt von Hunolstein
death: after 24 September 1534
burial: Rommersdorf
== 3 ==
Jutta von Isenburg
birth: about 1500
marriage: Philipp IV von Waldeck-Wildungen
death: 28 July 1564, Waldeck
Anna von Isenburg-Neumagen
birth: about 1510
marriage: Franz von Manderscheid-Kerpen
death: 28 July 1581, Berus
Philipp IV von Nassau-Weilburg (Nassau-Saarbrücken)
birth: 14 October 1542, Weilburg
title: 4 October 1559, Graf von Nassau-Saarbrücken
marriage: Erika von Manderscheid
marriage: Elisabeth von Nassau-Dillenburg
death: 12 March 1602, Saarbrücken
Erika von Manderscheid
birth: about 1546
marriage: Philipp IV von Nassau-Weilburg (Nassau-Saarbrücken)
title: 9 April 1563, Weilburg, Comtesse de Nassau-Sarrebruck
death: 1581
Daniel von Waldeck-Wildungen
birth: 1530
death: 1577
Margaretha von Waldeck
birth: 1533
other: vermutlich Schneewittchen
death: 15 March 1554, Stadt Brüssel
Johann VII von Nassau-Siegen
birth: 7 June 1561, Dillenburg, Netherlands
marriage: Magdalena von Waldeck-Wildungen , Dillenburg
marriage: Margaretha von Holstein-Sonderburg-Plan , Rotenburg
title: 8 October 1606, Count of Nassau
death: 27 September 1623, Siegen, Netherlands
Philipp Ludwig I von Hanau-Münzenberg
birth: 21 November 1553
title: from 1561 - 4 February 1580, граф Ханау-Мюнценберг
marriage: Magdalena von Waldeck-Wildungen
death: 4 February 1580
Magdalena von Waldeck-Wildungen
birth: 9 September 1558
marriage: Philipp Ludwig I von Hanau-Münzenberg
marriage: Johann VII von Nassau-Siegen , Dillenburg
title: 5 December 1581, Dillenburg, Comtesse héritière de Nassau
death: August 1599, Idstein
Floris von Pallant
birth: 1537
marriage: Elisabeth von Manderscheid
death: 29 September 1598

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