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Palatina ? (of Avallon, Apullia)

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Lineage Salahbi
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Palatina ?
Other last names of Avallon, Apullia

Alabuga (Elynas) (Elinus) ? (of Biljar, of Albania) [Salahbi]

Pressiana ? (Lady of the Develjans) [Kubratos]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Auda Ragnarsdotter
birth: estimated 780
Bjorn Ragnarsson (Not Ironside)
birth: 800, Husaby on Munso, Malaren
death: after 860
burial: Jarnsida Barrow, Upland, Þorgautr (Thorgaut......)
Malamir (Balamir) Kubratos
birth: after 815
title: between 831 and 836, Khan of Bulgaria
death: 836
Oleg (Yolyg) Salahbi
birth: about 850
marriage: Ephanda Ruriksdotter
residence: between 862 and 864, Ladoga
title: from 879 - 912, Князь Новгородський
title: from 882 - 912, Великий князь Київський
death: between 912 and 922
Alabuga (Elynas) (Elinus) ? (of Biljar, of Albania)
title: Prince of Albany (Albania)
other: 882, Founding of Biljar
Pressiana ? (Lady of the Develjans)
religion: Tengristic Pagan
baptism: Constantinople, Byzantium, Convert to Christianity
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== 3 ==

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