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Alain VIII de Rohan b. about 1350 d. 5 July 1429

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Lineage Rohan
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Alain VIII de Rohan

w Jean Ier de Rohan [Rohan] b. before 1349 d. after 1395

Jeanne de Léon [Léon] d. 1372

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about 1350 birth:

child birth: Alain IX de Rohan [Rohan] d. 1462

marriage: Béatrice de Clisson Porhoët [Clisson]

from 1380 - 1429 title: Blain (44), seigneur de Blain

from 1380 - 1429 title: Josselin (56), comte de Porhoët

from 1396 - 1429 title: Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan

5 July 1429 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Alain VII de Rohan
birth: about 1310
title: Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan
marriage: Jeanne de Rostrenen
death: 14 August 1387
Jeanne de Rostrenen
birth: about 1300
title: Dame de Guéméné-Guégant
marriage: Alain VII de Rohan
death: 1371
Jean Ier de Rohan
birth: before 1349
title: Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan
marriage: Jeanne de Léon
marriage: Jeanne de Navarre
death: after 1395
Jeanne de Léon
title: vicomtesse de Léon
marriage: Jean Ier de Rohan
death: 1372
== 3 ==
Édouard de Rohan
birth: about 1360
title: vicomte de Léon
marriage: Marguerite de Châteaubriant
death: after 1415
Charles de Rohan-Guéméné
birth: about 1375
title: seigneur de Guéméné
marriage: Catherine du Guescelin
death: 29 December 1438
Alain VIII de Rohan
birth: about 1350
marriage: Béatrice de Clisson Porhoët
title: from 1380 - 1429, Blain (44), seigneur de Blain
title: from 1380 - 1429, Josselin (56), comte de Porhoët
title: from 1396 - 1429, Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan
death: 5 July 1429
== 3 ==
Marguerite de Bretagne
birth: 1392
title: Guillac (56), dame de Guillac
marriage: Alain IX de Rohan
title: 26 June 1407, Nantes (44), Vicomtesse héritière de Rohan
death: 13 April 1428
Alain IX de Rohan
title: Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan
marriage: Marguerite de Bretagne
death: 1462
Jean d'Orléans Count of Angoulême
birth: 26 June 1404
title: from 23 November 1407 - 30 April 1467, Comte d'Angoulême
marriage: Маргарита де Роган
death: 30 April 1467
burial: Angoulême
Mary Montfort
birth: 1446
marriage: John II Rohan
title: 1462, Vicomtesse de Rohan, de Léon et Comtesse de Porhoët
death: 1511
John II Rohan
birth: 16 November 1452
title: Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan
title: Josselin (56), comte de Porhöet
marriage: Mary Montfort
death: 1516
Jean Ier d'Albret
birth: 1425
marriage: Catherine de Rohan
title: 1425, Vicomte de Tartas
death: 1468
François Ier de Rieux
title: Rieux (56), seigneur de Rieux
title: Rochefort-en-Terre (56), seigneur de Rochefort
title: Malestroit (56), baron de Malestroit
title: Harcourt (27), comte d'Harcourt
title: Assérac (44), seigneur d'Assérac
title: Donges (44), vicomte de Donges
marriage: Jeanne de Rohan

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