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Mary Christiana Vann

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Lineage Vann
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mary Christiana Vann
Other given names Wa-Wli

Wa-Wli (Wur-li) Moytoy (Vann) [Moytoy] b. 1747 d. 1835

Clement Avery Vann [Vann]



child birth: James Vann [Vann]

child birth: Avery Vann (Brother of James Vann) [Vann]

1765 child birth: Tennessee, Alsey Vann [Vann] b. 1765

1766 child birth: James Clement Vann [Vann] b. 1766 d. 9 February 1809

1819 religion: Lutherian, Moravian Bretheren Baptism

[edit] Sources

  1. The Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees, Abridged Edition Edited and with an introduction by Rowena McClinton paperback 2010. 184 pp. 1 illustration, 2 maps 978-0-8032-2095-9 - At the Springplace Mission Church Mary Christina Vann (WaWli) became christian.
  2. The Brainerd Journal: A Mission to the Cherokees, 1817-1823 Front Cover Joyce B. Phillips, Paul Gary Phillips U of Nebraska Press, 1998 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Oconostota Coney Moytoy
birth: 1704, Cherokee (Tennessee), Washington County (Tennessee), Tennessee
death: 1783, State of Georgia
John II Vann
birth: 1700, Nansemond County (Virginia)
death: 1770, Bertie County (North Carolina)
Wa-Wli (Wur-li) Moytoy (Vann)
birth: 1747, Spring Place, State of Georgia
marriage: Clement Avery Vann , Spring Place, State of Georgia
death: 1835, Spring Place, State of Georgia
Edward Vann
birth: 1720, Bertie County (North Carolina)
marriage: Mary Barnes
death: 1810, Hertford County (North Carolina)
== 3 ==
Susannah Soonacooie (Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi)
birth: 1764, Georgia (U.S. state), Eastern Cherokee Nation
death: 14 March 1818, Suwanee (Georgia), Gwinnett County (Georgia), Suwanee Old Town
John Joseph Vann
birth: 1746
Mary Christiana Vann
religion: 1819, Lutherian, Moravian Bretheren Baptism
== 3 ==
John SR Rogers
birth: 1761, Tennessee
fact 1: nickname, Hell Fire Jack
military service: French/Indian Wars - English Captain
other: Battle of Horseshoe Bend
marriage: Alsey Vann
marriage: Elizabeth Emory
marriage: Jennie Talontisky (Due)
Alsey Vann
birth: 1765, Tennessee
marriage: John SR Rogers
burial: Fort Gibson (Oklahoma), Fort Gibson National Cemetery
James Clement Vann
birth: 1766
death: 9 February 1809, Chatsworth (Georgia), Spring Place
burial: Forsyth County (Georgia)
Avery Vann (Brother of James Vann)
residence: Saluda River, Carolina
Talahina Rogers
other: Wife of Sam Houston
William Rogers
title: 1905, Cherokee Chief - Deposed
John James Rogers
other: Chief of Western Cherokees and Grand Saline
Charles Coody Rogers
other: Judge Rogers Oklahoma Cherokee Chief
Polly Ann Rogers
birth: 1787, Calhoun (Tennessee), McMinn County (Tennessee), USA
religion: Moravian Church, Vann Homestead, Spring Place, Georgia
physical description: Tall, splendidly formed, dark complexion, black hair, black eyes
death: 1857, San Saba County (Texas)
David Vann
birth: 1 January 1800, Georgia (U.S. state)
birth: 23 December 1863, Indian Territory

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