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Robert Kerr (4th Lord of Jedburgh) b. 1629 d. 4 August 1692

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Lineage Kerr
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Robert Kerr
Other last names 4th Lord of Jedburgh

James Kerr (of Oxnam and Crailing) [Kerr] b. 1577 d. 1645

Janet Scott [Scott] b. 1590 d. 1586


1629 birth: England

13 March 1646 child birth: Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorkshire (England), Brampton, Thomas Carr [Carr] b. 13 March 1646 d. November 1711

4 August 1692 death:


This person is given by some authors as a "make believe" person

Please do not modify this record without special precautions. -> Why a son of a lord have to emigrate in the new world ? no trace of a son named Thomas

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Thomas Kerr (of Oxnam)
birth: 17 June 1529, Jedburgh, Scotland, Ferniehurst Castle
death: 31 March 1586, London, Middlesex (England)
Janet Kirkcaldy
birth: 1520, Grange (Moray), Scotland
death: 1572, London, England
William Scott
birth: 7 January 1522, Scotland
death: 19 May 1552, Peeblesshire, Scotland, Kirkurd
James Kerr (of Oxnam and Crailing)
birth: 1577, Crailing, Scotland
death: 1645, England
Janet Scott
death: 1586, England
birth: 1590, England
== 3 ==
Robert Kerr (4th Lord of Jedburgh)
birth: 1629, England
death: 4 August 1692
== 3 ==
Mary Garland
birth: 1654, Boston (Massachusetts), Suffolk County (Massachusetts)
death: 1745, Ampton, New Hampshire
Thomas Carr
birth: 13 March 1646, Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorkshire (England), Brampton
death: November 1711, Caroline County (Virginia)
Mary Carr
birth: 1677, Caroline County (Virginia), Colony of Virginia
death: 1754, Caroline County (Virginia), Colony of Virginia

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