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Joneta (Jean) Haliburton

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Lineage Haliburton
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Joneta (Jean) Haliburton

John Haliburton [Haliburton]



child birth: Elizabeth Sinclair [Sinclair]

1375 child birth: Henry Sinclair [Sinclair] b. 1375 d. 1 February 1420

[edit] Sources

  1. The Scots peerage: founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's peerage ... edited by James Balfour Paul -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Walter Haliburton
occupation: before 1449, Lord High Treasurer
== 3 ==
Henry Sinclair (Sir)
birth: 1345
title: Conde de Orkney
title: Duque de Oldeburg
title: Conde de de Caithnes
title: Barão de Roselin e Pichthland
title: Rei da Dinamarca
occupation: 1400, Explorer and Architect...Reputed to have landed in Nova Scotia in 1398 and Massachusetts in 1399
death: 1400
== 3 ==
John Drummond (Sir)
birth: 1365, Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
title: Sir John Drummond of Stoball
fact 1: Foi Bailio de Abthaine of Dull.
title: Lord Stoball
marriage: Elizabeth Sinclair
residence: 1425, Madeira
death: 1428
Egydia Douglas (of Nithsdale)
birth: before 1388
marriage: Henry Sinclair
death: after 1438
Henry Sinclair
birth: 1375
title: 2nd Earl of Orkney
marriage: Egydia Douglas (of Nithsdale)
death: 1 February 1420
Branca Afonso da Cunha
birth: Covilã, Distrito de Castelo Branco, Portugal
marriage: John de Drumond (Escócio)
John de Drumond (Escócio)
birth: estimated 1390, Escócia
marriage: Branca Afonso da Cunha
immigration: 1418, França, Com grande número de fidalgos escoceses em auxílio do Delfin, na campanha contra seu pai Carlos VI, e sairam vitoriosos.
immigration: estimated 1427, Espanha, A serviço do rei D. João, de Castela, na guerra contra os mouros até 1427.
death: between 1460 and 1470
Elizabeth Douglas
birth: 1385
marriage: William Sinclair (3rd Earl Orkney)
title: 1401, Princesse d'Albany
marriage: John Stewart de Buchan
title: 1420, Comtesse de Buchan
death: 1451
William Sinclair (3rd Earl Orkney)
birth: about 1410
title: барон Рослина
marriage: Marjory Sutherland (Sinclair)
marriage: Elizabeth Douglas
title: from 1422 - 1470, 3-й граф Оркни
title: from 1454 - 1456, Lord Chancellor of Scotland
military service: from 1454 - 1456, лорд-адмирал Шотландии
title: from 1455 - 1476, 1st Lord Sinclair
title: from 1455 - 1476, Earl of Caithness
death: about 1484
John Sinclair (of Kirkton)
title: Lord Shetland
death: 1418

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