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Onbekende Concubine de Moor

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Lineage de Moor
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Onbekende Concubine de Moor


child birth: Jan Aelman van de Poele [van de Poele]

other: liaison sans mariage, William III Count of Hainaut [Avesnes] b. 1286 d. 7 June 1337

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
William III Count of Hainaut
birth: 1286
other: Onbekende Concubine de Moor
title: from 1304 - 1337, Count of Hainaut
title: from 1304 - 1337, Count of Holland
title: from 1304 - 1337, Count of Zeeland
marriage: Jeanne of Valois
death: 7 June 1337
== 1 ==
Philippa of Hainault (Philippe d'Avesnes)
birth: 24 June 1311, Valenciennes, France
marriage: Edward III Plantagenet , England
title: from 24 January 1328 - 15 August 1369, York (England), Queen consort of England
death: 15 August 1369, Windsor (Berkshire), England, Windsor Castle
Margaret II of Avesnes
birth: between 1307 and 1310
marriage: Ludwig IV Wittelsbach of Bavaria , Cologne
title: 25 February 1324, Gräfin von Holland und Seeland
title: 1327, Gräfin von Hennegau
title: 1328, Kaiserin der Römer
death: 23 June 1356
Wilhelm IV von Holland
birth: about 1318
marriage: Johanna von Brabant
title: from 1337 - 1345, граф Эно (Геннегау)
title: from 1337 - 1345, граф Голландии и Зеландии
death: 26 September 1345, Stavoren
Луис д'Авен
birth: 1325
death: 1328
Agnès d'Avesnes
death: after 27 December 1327

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