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Haute Wyatt b. 4 June 1593 d. 31 July 1637

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Lineage Wyatt
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Haute Wyatt

George Wyatt [Wyatt] b. 1550 d. 16 September 1623

Jane Finch [Finch] b. 1555 d. 27 March 1644


4 June 1593 birth: England, Boxley Parish, Kent

1610 child birth: Jamestown (Virginia), George Wyatt [Wyatt] b. 1610 d. 1634

31 July 1637 death: England, Boxley Parish, Kent


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  • Boxley Parish, Kent

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Thomas Wyatt
birth: 1521, Allington (Kent), England, Allington Castle
death: 11 April 1554, London, England, London Tower
Jane Hawte
birth: 1522, Allington (Kent), England
death: 1600, Allington (Kent), England, Allington Castle
Thomas Finch
birth: 1512, Eastwell (Kent), England
death: 1563, Eastwell (Kent), England
Catherine Moyle
birth: 1529, Eastwell (Kent), England
death: 9 February 1586, Eastwell (Kent), England
George Wyatt
birth: 1550, Allington (Kent), England, Allington Castle
death: 16 September 1623, Boxley Abbey, Kent
Jane Finch
birth: 1555, Eastwell (Kent), England
death: 27 March 1644, Allington (Kent), England, Allington Castle
== 3 ==
Thomas Wyatt
birth: 4 March 1602, England, Boxley, Kent
death: 21 December 1621, Maidstone (Kent), England
Francis Wyatt (Governor)
occupation: between November 1639 and February 1641, Jamestown (Virginia), Governor of Virginia
death: before 24 August 1644, Boxley (Kent), England
Barbara Mitford
birth: 1589, England, Newton Red House, Kent
death: 1610, Boxley (Kent), England
Haute Wyatt
birth: 4 June 1593, England, Boxley Parish, Kent
death: 31 July 1637, England, Boxley Parish, Kent
== 3 ==
Katherine Moore
birth: 1614, England
death: 1669, Isle of Wight, Virginia
George Wyatt
birth: 1610, Jamestown (Virginia)
death: 1634
Joyce Wyatt
birth: 1635, Virginia
death: 9 June 1679, Isle of Wight, Virginia

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