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Jan Gysbertsz (Van Haarlem) b. about 1519 d. 1609

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Lineage Haarlem
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Jan Gysbertsz
Other last names Van Haarlem

Gysbert van Haarlem [Haarlem] b. 1508 d. 29 April 1574

Cornelia Boucquet [Boucquet] b. 1522 d. 13 May 1574


about 1519 birth: Rhodos, Aquidneck Island, Narrangasset

occupation: Apprenticed to Turgut Reis (Ships Joiner)

religion: Muslim Muladi

1534 occupation: Command of Ottoman Fleet (Warship construction)

between 1552 and 1569 residence: Basra

about 1570 child birth: Haarlem, Netherlands, w Jan Janszoon van Haarlem [Janszoon] b. about 1570 d. about 1641

between 1570 and 1584 residence: Rhodos

1585 residence: Lanzarote, Canary Islands

1609 death: Cyprus

burial: Rhodos


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Jan Dirksz (Van Haarlem)
birth: 1476, Dordrecht, Netherlands
death: 1569, Utrecht, Netherlands
Elizabeth van Gelre
birth: 1480, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Blasius Boucquet
birth: 1508, Gembloux, Belgium
Gysbert van Haarlem
birth: 1508, Gembloux, Belgium
occupation: Map-maker
death: 29 April 1574, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Cornelia Boucquet
birth: 1522, Gembloux, Belgium
death: 13 May 1574, Dordrecht, Netherlands
== 3 ==
Isabelle of Murcia
residence: 1585, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Jan Gysbertsz (Van Haarlem)
birth: about 1519, Rhodos, Aquidneck Island, Narrangasset
occupation: Apprenticed to Turgut Reis (Ships Joiner)
religion: Muslim Muladi
occupation: 1534, Command of Ottoman Fleet (Warship construction)
residence: between 1552 and 1569, Basra
residence: between 1570 and 1584, Rhodos
residence: 1585, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
death: 1609, Cyprus
burial: Rhodos
== 3 ==
Zaydania ? (Moroccan Concubine)
birth: Salé, Morocco
Jan Janszoon van Haarlem
birth: about 1570, Haarlem, Netherlands
occupation: from 1600 - 1618, Haarlem, privateer
title: from 1619 - 1627, Salé, Republic of Salé, President and Grand Admiral of Salé
title: from 1640 - 1641, Governor of Oualidia
death: about 1641, Morocco
Grietje Reyniers (Jansen)
birth: 1602, Netherlands
marriage: Anthony Jansen van Salee
death: 24 April 1666, Gravesend (Brooklyn), New Netherland
Anthony Jansen van Salee
birth: 1607, Salé, Morocco
marriage: Grietje Reyniers (Jansen)
marriage: Metje Grevenraet (Jansen)
death: March 1676, Gravesend (Brooklyn)

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