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Álvaro Uribe Vélez b. 4 July 1952

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Lineage Uribe
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Alberto Uribe Sierra [Uribe] b. 1932 d. 14 June 1983

Laura Velez Uribe [Velez]

Wiki-page wikipedia:es:Álvaro_Uribe_Vélez


4 July 1952 birth: Medellín, Antioquía, Colombia

marriage: w Lina Moreno [Moreno] b. 4 December 1955

19 April 1981 child birth: Colombia, Tomás Uribe (Moreno) [Uribe] b. 19 April 1981

16 July 1983 child birth: Colombia, Jerónimo Uribe (Moreno) [Uribe] b. 16 July 1983

between 7 August 2002 and 7 August 2010 title: Colombia, Presidente de la República de Colombia, 58°


From grandparents to grandchildren

Luis Elias Uribe Gonzalez
birth: 1904, Andes, Antioquia, Colombia
marriage: Celia Sierra Velasquez
Alberto Uribe Sierra
birth: 1932
marriage: Laura Velez Uribe
occupation: Colombia, ganadero y criador de caballos del departamento de Antioquia
death: 14 June 1983, Colombia
== 3 ==
Lina Moreno
birth: 4 December 1955, Medellín, Colombia
marriage: Álvaro Uribe Vélez
education: graduada en Filosofía y Letras, estudios de Antropología
Álvaro Uribe Vélez
birth: 4 July 1952, Medellín, Antioquía, Colombia
marriage: Lina Moreno
title: between 7 August 2002 and 7 August 2010, Colombia, Presidente de la República de Colombia, 58°
== 3 ==
Tomás Uribe (Moreno)
birth: 19 April 1981, Colombia
Jerónimo Uribe (Moreno)
birth: 16 July 1983, Colombia

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