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Jantje Spekken b. about 1831

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Lineage Spekken
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Jantje Spekken

Willemtje Braas [Braas] b. about 1800 d. 8 August 1839

Klaas Spekken [Spekken] b. about 1800


about 1831 birth: Berkhout

occupation: diensbode

17 April 1856 marriage: Ilpendam, Klaas Sinkeldam [Sinkeldam] b. about 1819

about 1858 child birth: Ilpendam, Dirk Sinkeldam [Sinkeldam] b. about 1858 d. 19 October 1914

25 May 1873 marriage: Ilpendam, Sijmon is weduwnaar van Aagje Rijser; Jantje is weduwe van Klaas Sinkeldam , Sijmon Roet [Roet] b. about 1819

From grandparents to grandchildren

Jan Braas
birth: about 1764, Wormer
occupation: lid gemeenteraad
death: 22 March 1827, Avenhorn
Trijntje Knijn (Pieters)
birth: about 1770, Beemster
death: 25 April 1827, Avenhorn
Arien Braas
birth: about 1807, Avenhorn
occupation: landman
marriage: Trijntje Zoet , Berkhout
marriage: Marijtje Groot , Avenhorn, Arien is weduwnaar van Trijntje Zoet
marriage: Geertje Groothuizen , Avenhorn, Arien is weduwnaar van Marijtje Groot
death: 10 August 1869, Avenhorn
Gerrit Braas
birth: about 1803, Avenhorn
occupation: landman
marriage: Anna Veldboer , Avenhorn
marriage: Margaretha Boender , Avenhorn, Gerrit is weduwnaar van Antje Velzeboer
marriage: Grietje Knijn , Avenhorn, Gerrit is weduwnaar van Margaretha Boender
Pieter Braas
birth: about 1796, Oostmijzen
occupation: landman
marriage: Geertje Daane , Avenhorn
marriage: Grietje Mooi (Mooij) , Avenhorn, Pieter is weduwnaar van Geertje Daan
marriage: Lijsbeth Menke , Pieter is weduwnaar van Grietje Mooij
death: 3 March 1844, Avenhorn
Geertje Braas
birth: about 1801, Berkhout
marriage: Pieter Cijs , Avenhorn
Meinou Braas
birth: about 1798, Berkhout
occupation: dienstmaagd
marriage: Sijmon Boots (Elbertsz) , Avenhorn
death: 28 March 1821, Oostmijzen
Grietje Braas
birth: about 1805, Avenhorn
marriage: Arie Prinse
death: 3 July 1853, Ursem
Maartje Braas
birth: about 1809, Oostmijzen
death: 12 May 1832, Avenhorn
Willemtje Braas
birth: about 1800, Berkhout
occupation: dienstmaagd
marriage: Klaas Spekken , Avenhorn
death: 8 August 1839, Beemster
Klaas Spekken
birth: about 1800, Berkhout
occupation: boerenknecht
marriage: Willemtje Braas , Avenhorn
== 3 ==
Grietje Spekken
birth: about 1832, Avenhorn
death: 1 June 1835, Avenhorn, oud 3 jaar
Neeltje Spekken
birth: about 1828, Berkhout
death: 2 October 1842, Beemster
Jan Spekken
birth: about 1823, Avenhorn
occupation: arbeider
marriage: Maartje Snoek , Grosthuizen
death: 17 April 1884, Avenhorn
Trijntje Spekken
birth: about 1822, Avenhorn
marriage: Zijmen de Boer , Avenhorn
Pieter Spekken
birth: about 1826, Avenhorn
occupation: boerenknecht
marriage: Neeltje Snoek , Berkhout
death: 28 July 1868, Beemster
Cornelis Spekken
birth: about 1834, Avenhorn
death: 4 January 1856, Avenhorn
Maartje Spekken
birth: about 1821, Avenhorn
marriage: Crelis (Cornelis) Mettes , Crelis is weduwnaar van Trijntje Boots; Maartje is weduwe van Jacob Buis
death: 29 October 1902, Obdam
Mijntje Spekken
birth: about 1825, Avenhorn
marriage: Jan Rozendaal
death: 13 July 1901, Obdam
Klaas Sinkeldam
birth: about 1819, Edam
occupation: arbeider
marriage: Jantje Spekken , Ilpendam
Sijmon Roet
birth: about 1819, Ilpendam
occupation: arbeider
marriage: Aagje Rijser
marriage: Jantje Spekken , Ilpendam, Sijmon is weduwnaar van Aagje Rijser; Jantje is weduwe van Klaas Sinkeldam
Jantje Spekken
birth: about 1831, Berkhout
occupation: diensbode
marriage: Klaas Sinkeldam , Ilpendam
marriage: Sijmon Roet , Ilpendam, Sijmon is weduwnaar van Aagje Rijser; Jantje is weduwe van Klaas Sinkeldam
== 3 ==
Elizabeth Zijp
birth: about 1862, Oudorp (Noord Holland)
marriage: Dirk Sinkeldam , Ilpendam
Dirk Sinkeldam
birth: about 1858, Ilpendam
occupation: boerenknecht
marriage: Elizabeth Zijp , Ilpendam
death: 19 October 1914, Beemster

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