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Helma Koester

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Lineage Koester
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Helma Koester

Heinrich Koester [Koester] b. 19 April 1902

Anni Streger [Streger] b. 22 January 1904


marriage: Hector Boscarato [Boscarato]

11 September 1972 child birth: Glen Cove (New York), USA, Michael Boscarato [Boscarato] b. 11 September 1972

From grandparents to grandchildren

Heinrich August Julius Koester
birth: 19 September 1873, Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
marriage: Anna Louise Emma Reissing , Tangermünde, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
death: 4 March 1937, Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Anna Louise Emma Reissing
birth: 3 September 1876, Tangermünde, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
marriage: Heinrich August Julius Koester , Tangermünde, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
death: 1952
Ludwig Streger
birth: 2 September 1867, Cumlosen, Brandenburg, Germany, Wentdorf
Anna Friederike Sophie Hesse
birth: 30 January 1862, Cumlosen, Brandenburg, Germany
Heinrich Koester
birth: 19 April 1902, Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
marriage: Anni Streger
Anni Streger
birth: 22 January 1904, Neumünster, Germany
marriage: Heinrich Koester
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Michael Boscarato
birth: 11 September 1972, Glen Cove (New York), USA

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