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Thomas (Thaminad) Munsawghe (Munshah) b. 1590

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Lineage Muscheon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Thomas (Thaminad) Munsawghe
Other last names Munshah

Thomas Munsawghe (Muscheon) (Munshaw) [Muscheon] d. 1623

Virginia Metis [Tihanama]



1590 birth: Falling Creek, Virginia

1620 child birth: Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee, Taminad Munsawghe [Muscheon] b. 1620 d. 1730

[edit] Sources

  1. Muster Roles of Westbradenham and Norfolk -

From grandparents to grandchildren

residence: Quebec (province), Honguedo, Gaspe Bay
Powhatan Tainahmah
birth: 1547, Tsenacommacah, Virginia
death: 1618, Tsenacommacah, Virginia
Opechancanough Mangopeesomon (Don Luis de Velasco)
birth: 1545, Virginia, Cinquoateck -
other: 1560, Taken by the Spanish to Mexico
residence: 1569, Havana (Cuba), In August 1570, Father Segura, Father Luis de Quiros, former head of the Jesuit college among the Moors in Spain, and six Jesuit brothers set forth from their base in Havana to establish their new mission in Ajacan. A young boy, Alonso Olmos, called Alonc
residence: 1570, Ajacan, Virginia
death: 5 October 1645, Jamestown (Virginia)
Thomas Munsawghe (Muscheon) (Munshaw)
occupation: Metal Trade, Adventurer
residence: 1569, of Westbradhenam England
death: 1623, Falling Creek, Virginia
Virginia Metis
birth: England
== 3 ==
John Munsawghe
residence: Virginia
residence: Bradenham (Norfolk), West Bradenham
George Musso (Munsawghe)(Mosco) (de Esquiem)
residence: Falling Creek, Virginia, Original Owner of the Falling Creek Mill.
residence: 1585, Roanoke (Virginia)
Thomas (Thaminad) Munsawghe (Munshah)
birth: 1590, Falling Creek, Virginia
== 3 ==
Pride ? (Cheney, Taini - Shawnee)
marriage count: 1630, Virginia, Stinking River, Shawnee Nation
Taminad Munsawghe
birth: 1620, Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee
death: 1730, Cherokee (Tennessee), Washington County (Tennessee), Tennessee
Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee)
birth: 1640, Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee, USA
marriage: Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee) , Virginia, Shawnee Nation
death: 1730, Tennessee, USA, Cherokee Nation East
Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee)
birth: 1640, Virginia, Stinking River, Iroquois Nation
marriage: Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee) , Virginia, Shawnee Nation
death: 1692, Great Tellico, Tennessee, Overhills

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