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Zarmandukht ? (Daughter of Sarman the Magi)

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Lineage Nakharar
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Zarmandukht ?
Other last names Daughter of Sarman the Magi
Other given names (The old Man’s Daughter)

Sarman Nakharar (The Magi of Ani) [Nakharar]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Zarmandukht


child birth: w Arshak III (Arsaces) [Volturi] d. 389

child birth: Toolha Vardandukht (the Vardanid) Vardandukht (the Vardanid) (Daughter of Artivard) [Kamsarakan]

marriage: w Papes (Paphus) of Armenia (Tiberius Julius Pharsanzes) [Volturi]

[edit] Sources

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