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Sarah Redding b. 1743 d. 13 July 1830

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Lineage Redding
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Sarah Redding
Other given names Redding

Timothy Redding [Redding] b. about 1695

Mary Spilman [Spilman] b. 1725



1743 birth: England

24 February 1776 child birth: Orange County (Virginia), Virginia, Moses Martin [Martin] b. 24 February 1776 d. 4 March 1857

13 July 1830 death: Clay Village (Kentucky)


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According to Martin family lore Sarah, an "English girl", was separated from her parents on the boat trip, and on arrival at Jamestown her passage was paid by a Virginia planter who gave her employment until she met and married Peter. She was said to have fair hair, blue eyes, and a very amiable disposition. One researcher, Dr. Holtzclaw, believes that Peter was born in the Germantown colony in Virginia, and that Sarah was the daughter of William or Timothy Redding who lived nearby. The most convincing researcher states that both of Sarah's parents died while the children were young (Sarah was 17 and Elizabeth was 8) and that Timothy's brother William and his wife cared for the children. Because of church and property records Holtzclaw believes Peter and Sarah moved to Shelby County, Kentucky, in about 1788 and there was a Timothy Redding who witnessed a deed there who might have been Sarah's grandfather.

Notes by others: Peter and Sarah moved their family to Woodford Co., Kentucky about 1790. Their family having all been born in Virginia, they lived on a farm about 6 miles east of Shelbyville, near Clay Village. The children married and lived in Shelby, Nelson and Jessamine Counties. Peter Jr and Sarah (Neal) Martin stayed on the farm with his mother Sarah (Redding) Martin after Peter Sr.'s death. Later they sold that farm and bought a farm about 3 miles southeast of Sulphur, Kentucky in Henry County. Peter Jr. and Sarah (Neal) Martin are buried in the family cemetery on that farm. W.W. Combs his son-in-law owned this farm later. Aaron and Mary (Holeman) Martin moved to Wayne Co., Indiana in 1809. Then in 1812 Lewis and Mary (Wright) Martin moved to Washington County, Indiana. During the next two years, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel E. Jacobs, John and Elizabeth (Martin) Martin, Dr. Abner and Mary (White) Martin all moved to Washington Co., Indiana. Also James and Frances (Bellsfelt) Martin. Then in 1819 Phebe, wife of Asa Wright moved to Vernon Township, Washington Co., Indiana. and then in 1820 Joseph T. and Rachel (Shousa) Martin moved to Jackson Township, Washington Co., Indiana. Then in 1828 Moses and Sarah (Singleton) Martin appears on the Washington County tax list. Peter Martin Sr. was probably buried on the farm near Clay Village, Shelby County, Kentucky.

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Timothy Redding
birth: 1675, Wales
John Spilman
birth: 6 November 1679, Siegen, Prussia, Oberschelden
marriage: Mary Fischbach (Fishbeck) , Germantown (Virginia), Fauquier County (Virginia), Rappahannock Riv.
birth: 1727, Germantown (Virginia), Fauquier County (Virginia), Mary Elizabeth Fischbach
Mary Fischbach (Fishbeck)
birth: 7 August 1696, Trubach, Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia
marriage: John Spilman , Germantown (Virginia), Fauquier County (Virginia), Rappahannock Riv.
death: 1762, Prince William, Frederick County, Virginia
Timothy Redding
birth: about 1695, Wales
marriage: Mary Spilman , Fauquier County (Virginia)
Mary Spilman
birth: 1725, Germantown (Virginia), Fauquier County (Virginia)
marriage: Timothy Redding , Fauquier County (Virginia)
== 3 ==
Peter Martin
birth: 8 February 1740, Prussia, Virginia, Prussia or Virginia
death: 4 March 1807, Clay Village (Kentucky), Shelby County (Kentucky), (on Peter Jr.s farm)
Sarah Redding
birth: 1743, England
death: 13 July 1830, Clay Village (Kentucky)
== 3 ==
Sarah Singleton
birth: 15 October 1771, Virginia
death: 3 July 1845, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana
Moses Martin
birth: 24 February 1776, Orange County (Virginia), Virginia
marriage count: August 1792
death: 4 March 1857, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana
Polly (Mary Ann) Martin
birth: 23 March 1794, Jessamine County (Kentucky), USA,,_Kentucky

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