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Sancho II de Gascogne b. estimated 830 d. before 887

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Lineage Vasconia
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Sancho II de Gascogne
Other given names Mitarra, Menditarra

w Sancho Sanchez [Gascogne] b. estimated 800 d. 864

Wiki-page wikipedia:nl:Sancho Mittara


estimated 830 birth:

about 855 child birth: w García II Sánchez of Gascony [Fezensac] b. about 855 d. after 920

before 887 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Garsand (García) ? (Brother of Sancho I of Gascony)
death: ¿Muerto en batalla contra Berenguer de Tolosa?
Seguin I ? (of Gascogne)
title: between 812 and 816, Duke of Gascony
Sanche I Lopez of Vasconia
birth: 777
title: between 801 and 812, Duque de Vasconia
death: before 812
birth: about 803
Sancho Sanchez
birth: estimated 800
death: 864
== 3 ==
Sancho II de Gascogne
birth: estimated 830
death: before 887
== 3 ==
García II Sánchez of Gascony
birth: about 855
marriage: Amuna
death: after 920
William Garcés of Fézensac
occupation: between 926 and 960, Count of Fezénsac
Raymond Pons de Toulouse
birth: about 900
title: duc d'Aquitaine
title: comte d'Auvergne
title: comte de Toulouse
marriage: Garsinda de Gascony
death: 990
Garsinda de Gascony
birth: about 915
marriage: Raymond Pons de Toulouse
death: after 972
Galindo II Aznárez
marriage: Acibella
marriage: Sancha Garcés
title: between 893 and 922, Marca Hispánica, Conde de Aragón
Sancho IV Garcés of Gascony
occupation: between 930 and 950, Duke of Gascony
death: between 950 and 955
Arnold I Garcias (of Astarac)
title: between 926 and 960, Count of Astarac

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