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Daughter of Leuthanius b. about 585

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Lineage -
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Daughter of Leuthanius
Reference numbers GEDCOM::AugustaGall.ged::INDI @I3114@::SylvainComte


about 585 birth:

marriage: Ansoud van Neustrie [Gens Syagria] b. estimated 570

estimated 605 child birth: Sigrade de Schelde [Gens Syagria] b. estimated 605 d. after 677


Ancestry hypothesis :
Hypothesis source : some rodovid user, without source. See history.

en:Gerberge of Burgandy (Richomer, b. about 560)
Image:Lien Hypothèse.jpg
Daughter of Leuthanius
en:Lauthanius (Lothar) de Schelde (-, b. about 615 d. 676)

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
== 1 ==
Bodilon de Trèves
birth: about 600, Austrasia, France
marriage: Sigrade de Schelde
occupation: from 643 -, Le Mans, France, religieux
death: after 643, France
Sigrade de Schelde
birth: estimated 605
marriage: Bodilon de Trèves
death: after 677
Adèle de Trèves
birth: about 625
Guerin (Warine) de Trèves (de Poitiers)
birth: about 630, Autun, France
title: Comte de Poitiers
death: 677, Trier, Germany
birth: estimated 620

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