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Joan Max (Bushel, Shapiro, Perlman, Sherby, Gait) b. 24 June 1915 d. 29 September 1999

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Lineage Strauss
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Joan Max
Other last names Bushel, Shapiro, Perlman, Sherby, Gait
Other given names Ida, Gypsy

Mark Max (Strauss, Strausz) [Strauss] b. 15 September 1877 d. June 1946

Hannah Hoffman (Max) [Hoffman] b. 20 January 1886


24 June 1915 birth: Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), USA

about 1945 child birth: Washington D.C., USA, Jill Perlman [Perlach] b. about 1945 d. about 1945

29 September 1999 death: Miami (Florida), USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

Mark Max (Strauss, Strausz)
birth: 15 September 1877, Dolný Lopašov, Piešťany, Nyitra County, Hungary, (Lopasso, Postyen, Nyitra)
death: June 1946, Miami (Florida), USA
Hannah Hoffman (Max)
birth: 20 January 1886, Manchester (England)
birth: 25 November 1975, Miami (Florida), USA
== 2 ==
Bill Perlman (Perelman, Perlach)
birth: 15 January 1905, Stolin, Belarus
birth: 15 April 1992, La Jolla (California), USA
Joan Max (Bushel, Shapiro, Perlman, Sherby, Gait)
birth: 24 June 1915, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), USA
death: 29 September 1999, Miami (Florida), USA
== 2 ==
Jill Perlman
birth: about 1945, Washington D.C., USA
death: about 1945, Washington D.C., USA

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