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Flavius Anicius Olybrius Iunior b. calculated 470 d. before 527

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Lineage Gens Flavia
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Flavius Anicius Olybrius Iunior

w Anicia Juliana [Gens Anicia]

w Flavius Areobindus Dagalaiphus [Gens Flavia] b. calculated 460 d. 512

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calculated 470 birth: Roman Empire

child birth: Proba [Gens Flavia]

491 title: Roman Empire, Roman Consul

before 527 death: Roman Empire

From grandparents to grandchildren

Anicius Olybrius
birth: calculated 430, Roman Empire
marriage: Galla Placidia Valentiniana (the Younger)
title: 464, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Roman Consul
title: between 23 March 472 and 23 October 472, Roman Empire, Western Roman Emperor
death: 23 October 472
Eudocia (Krekka)
birth: 439, Rome
residence: from 455 - 460, Carthage
marriage: w Flavius Palladius (Caesar)
marriage: w Huneric ? (King of the Vandals and Alans)
death: between 466 and 474, Jerusalem
Flavius Dagalaiphus ? (Dag)
marriage: Godisthea
title: 461, Roman Empire, Roman Consul
Flavius Areobindus Dagalaiphus
birth: calculated 460, Roman Empire
marriage: Anicia Juliana , Roman Empire
title: from 503 - 504, Roman Empire, Magister Militum
birth: 506, Roman Empire, Roman Consul
death: 512, Roman Empire
== 3 ==
Flavius Anicius Olybrius Iunior
birth: calculated 470, Roman Empire
title: 491, Roman Empire, Roman Consul
death: before 527, Roman Empire
== 3 ==
Flavius Anicius Probus Iunior
title: 525, Byzantine Empire, Roman Consul
birth: calculated 530, Byzantine Empire
marriage: Juliana
marriage: Joannina , First marriage of Anastasius
divorce: Joannina , By his parents
death: after 571, Byzantine Empire

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