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Richard R. Watts b. about 1740 d. 20 December 1796

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Lineage Watts
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Richard R. Watts


about 1740 birth: Amelia County (Virginia), British America

about 1764 child birth: Amelia County (Virginia), British America, Judith Watts [Watts] b. about 1764 d. 1829

20 December 1796 death: Wilkes County (Georgia), USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Elizabeth Townsend
birth: before 1745
Richard R. Watts
birth: about 1740, Amelia County (Virginia), British America
death: 20 December 1796, Wilkes County (Georgia), USA
== 1 ==
Joseph Staunton Key
birth: 1764, Bedford County (Virginia), British America
death: 1829, Jasper County (Georgia), USA
Judith Watts
birth: about 1764, Amelia County (Virginia), British America
death: 1829, Jasper County (Georgia), USA
Anna Baker West
birth: 9 September 1802, GA, USA
marriage: Henry H. Key , Jasper County (Georgia), USA
death: 5 April 1890, Harris Co., GA, USA
Henry H. Key
birth: 10 January 1799, Greene County (Georgia), USA
marriage: Anna Baker West , Jasper County (Georgia), USA
death: 7 August 1872, Harris County (Georgia), USA, near King's Gap

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