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Joel McLendon b. December 1784 d. 9 October 1866

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Lineage McLendon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Joel McLendon


December 1784 birth: NC, USA

3 March 1814 marriage: Jasper County (Georgia), Sarah White [White] b. about 1794 d. 30 April 1874

23 March 1816 child birth: Jasper Co., GA, USA, William Victor White McLendon [McLendon] b. 23 March 1816 d. between 1870 and 1880

9 October 1866 death: Dalton, Chicaksaw Co., MS, USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Sarah White
birth: about 1794, GA, USA
marriage: Joel McLendon , Jasper County (Georgia)
death: 30 April 1874, MS, USA
Joel McLendon
birth: December 1784, NC, USA
marriage: Sarah White , Jasper County (Georgia)
death: 9 October 1866, Dalton, Chicaksaw Co., MS, USA
== 1 ==
Emalina E. Key
birth: about 1823, Georgia, USA
marriage: William Victor White McLendon , Harris County (Georgia), USA
death: about 1853, Chickasaw County (Mississippi), USA
William Victor White McLendon
birth: 23 March 1816, Jasper Co., GA, USA
marriage: Emalina E. Key , Harris County (Georgia), USA
death: between 1870 and 1880
Cyrus Decatur McElroy
birth: 18 July 1831, Pike Co., GA, USA
marriage: Samaramis Lucetta Artemesis McLendon , Chickasaw County (Mississippi), USA
death: 28 February 1908, Rowena, Runnels Co., TX, USA
Samaramis Lucetta Artemesis McLendon
birth: 8 March 1841, Alabama, USA
marriage: Cyrus Decatur McElroy , Chickasaw County (Mississippi), USA
death: 4 December 1912, Bell County (Texas), USA

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