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Zacheus S. McElroy b. 16 December 1806 d. 19 April 1945

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Lineage McElroy
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Zacheus S. McElroy

Nancy White [White] b. about 1790 d. before 1830

James Andrew McElroy [McElroy] b. about 1779


16 December 1806 birth: GA, USA

21 January 1829 marriage: Pike Co., GA, USA, Drucilla Owen [Owen] b. about 1808 d. before 1870

18 July 1831 child birth: Pike Co., GA, USA, Cyrus Decatur McElroy [McElroy] b. 18 July 1831 d. 28 February 1908

19 April 1945 death: Lauderdale Co., MS, USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

Moses White
birth: about 1755
death: before 8 April 1803, Elbert Co., GA, USA
birth: about 1755
Sarah White
birth: about 1794, GA, USA
marriage: Joel McLendon , Jasper County (Georgia)
death: 30 April 1874, MS, USA
Nancy White
birth: about 1790, NC, USA
marriage: James Andrew McElroy , GA, USA
death: before 1830, GA, USA
James Andrew McElroy
birth: about 1779, NC, USA
marriage: Nancy White , GA, USA
== 3 ==
Drucilla Owen
birth: about 1808, GA, USA
marriage: Zacheus S. McElroy , Pike Co., GA, USA
death: before 1870
Zacheus S. McElroy
birth: 16 December 1806, GA, USA
marriage: Drucilla Owen , Pike Co., GA, USA
death: 19 April 1945, Lauderdale Co., MS, USA
== 3 ==
Samaramis Lucetta Artemesis McLendon
birth: 8 March 1841, Alabama, USA
marriage: Cyrus Decatur McElroy , Chickasaw County (Mississippi), USA
death: 4 December 1912, Bell County (Texas), USA
Cyrus Decatur McElroy
birth: 18 July 1831, Pike Co., GA, USA
marriage: Samaramis Lucetta Artemesis McLendon , Chickasaw County (Mississippi), USA
death: 28 February 1908, Rowena, Runnels Co., TX, USA
Haws Young Beauchamp
birth: 27 April 1870, Polk County (Arkansas), USA
census: 18 July 1870, Center Township (Polk County Arkansas), USA, Hawse Y. Beauchump, age 1/12, born in April, born in AR
census: 16 June 1880, Saline (Arkansas), Howard County (Arkansas), USA, Haws Beauchamp, age 10, born in AR
marriage: Maybelle Melinda McElroy , USA
census: 22 June 1900, Coleman County (Texas), USA, Haws Y. Beauchamp, born April 1870, 30 years old, born in AR
census: 6 May 1910, Runnels County (Texas), USA, Haws Y. Beauchamp, age 39, born in AR
census: 27 February 1920, Crosbyton (Texas), Crosby County (Texas), USA, Haws Y. Beauchamp, age 49, born in AR
census: 4 April 1930, Olney (Texas), Young County (Texas), USA, Haws Y. Beauchamp, age 59, born in AR
death: 30 March 1957, Torrance (California), Los Angeles County (California), USA, Los Angeles County Harbor General Hospital; 86 years old
burial: 4 April 1957, Anaheim (California), Orange County (California), USA, Melrose Abbey Cemetery
Maybelle Melinda McElroy
birth: 29 August 1878, Webster County (Mississippi), USA, Sumner Co
marriage: Haws Young Beauchamp , USA
death: 11 November 1964, Long Beach (California), Los Angeles County (California), USA, Long Beach Community Hospital

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