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Vladimir Lipsky b. 11 March 1863 d. 24 February 1937

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Lineage Lipskies
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Vladimir Lipsky

Ippolit Lipsky [Lipskies] b. before 1843

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11 March 1863 birth:

1898 child birth: Russia, Oleg Lipsky [Lipskies] b. 1898 d. after 1975

31 December 1899 child birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia, Vsevolod Lipsky [Lipskies] b. 31 December 1899 d. after 1978

1902 child birth: Tatiana Lipsky [Lipskies] b. 1902 d. 1958

1904 child birth: Olga Lipsky (Grumm-Grzhimaylo) [Lipskies] b. 1904 d. 1986

1906 child birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia, Boris Lipsky [Lipskies] b. 1906 d. 1941

1907 child birth: Svyatoslav Lipsky [Lipsky] b. 1907 d. 1938

24 February 1937 death:


Corresponding Fellow in Biology Class (Botany) of the Russian Academy of Sciences; elected: December 6, 1924. Ukrainian botanist, Member (1919) and President (1922-1928) of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Works on taxonomy and geography of flowering plants, botany history and bibliography. Author of reports on plants of Caucasus (vol. 1-2, 1899-1902) and Central Asia (vol. 1-3, 1902-05). Source: VGD

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ippolit Lipsky
birth: before 1843
== 2 ==
Vladimir Lipsky
birth: 11 March 1863
death: 24 February 1937
== 2 ==
Oleg Lipsky
birth: 1898, Russia
death: after 1975
Nina Gromova (Lipsky)
birth: 4 April 1904, Moscow, Russia
marriage: Vsevolod Lipsky
Vsevolod Lipsky
birth: 31 December 1899, Saint Petersburg, Russia
marriage: Nina Gromova (Lipsky)
death: after 1978
Tatiana Lipsky
birth: 1902
death: 1958
Olga Lipsky (Grumm-Grzhimaylo)
birth: 1904
marriage: Sergey Grumm-Grzhimaylo
residence: 1981, Moscow, Russia, Olga resided at 16/5 Yerevanskaya street, apt. 43. Tel.: +7(495)321-18-51.
death: 1986
Yelisaveta Ignatievna ? (Lipsky)
birth: before 1920
marriage: Boris Lipsky
residence: 1941, Kyiv, Ukraine, She resided then at 20 Streletskaya street, apt. 6.
Boris Lipsky
birth: 1906, Saint Petersburg, Russia
marriage: Yelisaveta Ignatievna ? (Lipsky)
death: 1941, During the WW2 he was called up for military service June 22, 1941. Being a lieutenant, he fought the Nazi Germany in the ranks of the 13th independent engineer battalion, MIA.
Svyatoslav Lipsky
birth: 1907
death: 1938, Odessa, Ukraine, He died from a congenital heart disease.
Vladimir Lipsky
birth: 2 March 1941, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
marriage: Raewyl Baines (Lipsky)

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