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Etichon II von Nordgau b. estimated 673 d. about 723

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Lineage Etichonen
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Etichon II von Nordgau

Eticho I Alsacia [Etichonid] b. estimated 635 d. 20 February 690

Berswinda ? (of Austrasie) [?] b. estimated 640



estimated 673 birth:

title: Graf von Nordgau

about 698 child birth: Alberich in de Nordgau [Etichonen] b. about 698

about 723 death:


  1. - cité dans la Liste des comtes de Nordgau Wikipédia

From grandparents to grandchildren

Eticho I Alsacia
birth: estimated 635
marriage: Berswinda ? (of Austrasie)
title: from 662 - 690, Herzog von Elsass
burial: 690, Ottrott, France, Mont Sainte-Odile
death: 20 February 690
== 2 ==
Adalbert Alsacia
birth: 665, Alsace, França
marriage: Gerlind vom Elsass
title: from 690 - 722, Herzog des Elsass
death: about 722
Odilia von Hohenburg
birth: about 662, Obernai
physical description: blind von Geburt an
other: about 680, Ottrott, gründet das Kloster Hohenburg
death: about 720, Ottrott, Unserer Liebe Frau vom Odilienberg
burial: Ottrott, Unserer Liebe Frau vom Odilienberg
Etichon II von Nordgau
birth: estimated 673
title: Graf von Nordgau
death: about 723
== 2 ==
Alberich in de Nordgau
birth: about 698
title: from 723 - 747, comte de Nordgau
Eberhard Ier de Nordgau -
birth: estimated 730
death: about 777

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