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Isabella of Brienne b. about 1305 d. 28 December 1360

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Lineage Brienne
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Isabella of Brienne

w Walter V de Brienne [Brienne] b. about 1270 d. 15 March 1311

w Jeanne de Chatillon [Chatillon] b. 1285 d. 16 January 1354

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about 1305 birth:

child birth: John Nivelles de Enghien (et Brienne) [Enghien] d. 1380

child birth: Sohier Enghien [Enghien]

January 1321 title: Queen of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant

1335 child birth: Bassily, Belgium, w Louis D'Enghien (Hainault) [Enghien] b. 1335 d. 17 March 1394

28 December 1360 death:



1. Walter of Enghien (June 5, 1322 – November 18, 1340)

2. Isabeau of Enghien (d. December 28, 1357), Abbess of Flines

3. Sohier of Enghien (d. March 21, 1364), Count of Brienne, titular Duke of Athens.

4. John of Enghien, (d. 1380), Count of Lecce and Lord of Castro

5. Marguerite of Enghien, married Pierre de Préaux

6. Louis of Enghien (d. March 17, 1394), Lord (later Count) of Conversano, later Count of Brienne and titular Duke of Athens. Married Giovanna of Sanseverino, by whom he had four daughters, including his heiress, Marguerite, who in her own turn married John of Luxembourg, Sire of Beauvois. Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen consort Elizabeth Woodville were notable descendants.

7. Jacques of Enghien, a canon in Liège

8. Guy of Enghien,(d. 1377), Lord of Argos and Nauplia

9. Engelbert I of Enghien (c. 1330–February 20, 1403), Lord of Ramerupt, La Follie, and Seneffe

10. Françoise of Enghien, married Peter, Count of Montebello

11. Jeanne of Enghien, a nun at Flines

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Jean de Brienne (Jean II)
marriage: Béatrice de Saint-Pol
title: 1246, comte de Brienne
title: 1270, Eu (76), comte d'Eu
death: 12 June 1294, Clermont-les-Fermes (02)
Robert de Beu (Robert II)
birth: 1265
marriage: Yolande de Vendôme
title: 1281, Vicomte de Beu, Comte de Squillache
death: 1306
marriage: Marguerite de Beaumont-Gâtinais
Isabelle de Dreux (de Nesle-en-Tardenois)
birth: 1264
marriage: Gaucher V de Châtillon (de Porcean)
title: 1276, Dame de Nesle-en-Tardenois
death: 19 April 1300
Guy de Chatillon
birth: after 1249
Isabella of Rumigny (de Rumigny)
birth: June 1263
title: 1278, heiress of Rumigny, Florennes & Boves
marriage: w Thibault II Lothringen (de Lorraine)
title: 31 December 1302
marriage: Gaucher V de Châtillon (de Porcean)
title: March 1313, Dame de Châtillon
death: 1326
Gaucher V de Châtillon (de Porcean)
birth: about 1249
title: comte de Porcien
title: 1261, Seigneur de Chatillon, Comte de Porcean
marriage: Isabelle de Dreux (de Nesle-en-Tardenois)
marriage: Helisende de Vergy
marriage: Isabella of Rumigny (de Rumigny)
death: 1329
Walter V de Brienne
birth: about 1270, Comte de Brienne
title: 9 August 1296, Duke of Athens
marriage: w Jeanne de Chatillon
title: 5 October 1308, King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
death: 15 March 1311, Almyros
Gaucher II de Chatillon (de Porcean)
birth: 1281
title: 1281, Comte de Porcean
marriage: Marguerite de Dampierre
death: 24 August 1325
Jean I de Chatillon (de Gandelus)
birth: 1283
marriage: Éléonore de Roye
title: seigneur de Gandelus
death: 1363
Guy de Chatillon (de La Fere)
birth: 1305
title: Sire de La Fere
marriage: Marie de Lorraine
death: 2 October 1362
Hugues de Châtillon
birth: 1284
marriage: Marie de Clacy
title: Rozoy-sur-Serre (02), seigneur de de Rozoy
death: August 1336
Jeanne de Chatillon
birth: 1285
title: 1305, Troyes (Aube), France, -, Jakob's Church
marriage: Walter V de Brienne
title: 5 October 1308, Aliano, Duchesse d'Athènes
death: 16 January 1354
== 3 ==
Isabella of Brienne
birth: about 1305
title: January 1321, Queen of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
death: 28 December 1360
== 3 ==
Giovanna De Sevrino
birth: 1340, Bassily, Belgium
death: 1395
Louis D'Enghien (Hainault)
birth: 1335, Bassily, Belgium
death: 17 March 1394, Conversano, Apulia, Italy
Sohier Enghien
title: King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
Jean de Luxembourg
birth: 1370, Beauvoir (Somme), France
marriage: Marguerite d'Enghien
death: 1397, Luxembourg
Marguerite d'Enghien
birth: 1372, Brienne-le-Château, France
marriage: Jean de Luxembourg
death: 19 September 1393
Ladislas de Naples (Ladislas Ier)
birth: 15 February 1377, Neapel
title: 24 February 1386, Roi de Naples
marriage: Constance de Clermont , Neapel
divorce: Constance de Clermont , Neapel
marriage: w Marie de Chypre , Neapel
title: 23 April 1407, Neapel, Comte consort de Lecce
marriage: w Mary of Enghien , Neapel
death: 6 August 1414, Neapel
Mary of Enghien
birth: 1367
marriage: Raimund Orsini
title: 23 April 1407, Naples, Reine de Naples
marriage: Ladislas de Naples (Ladislas Ier) , Neapel
death: 9 May 1446
Peter ? (Engien)
title: King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
death: 1384
Walter IV Enghien
title: King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant

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