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Oberto II d'Este b. 947 d. between 1014 and 1021

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Lineage Obertenghi
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Oberto II d'Este

Oberto Azzo I van Tortona [Obertenghi] b. estimated 915 d. 15 October 975

Agnes ? (of Hungary) [Arpad] b. 935

Wiki-page wikipedia:Oberto_II


947 birth:

child birth: Oberto Obizzo Ier de Milan [Obertenghi]

title: Marquis de Milan

marriage: Railende van Como [van Como] b. estimated 965

estimated 980 child birth: Adalbert-Azzo I van Luni [Obertenghi] b. estimated 980 d. after 1026

estimated 990 child birth: Bertha van Este [Obertenghi] b. estimated 990 d. after 4 November 1037

between 1014 and 1021 death:


1000 Successor his brother Adalbert II. Margrave of Genoa, Tortone and Este. Palatine of Italy.

Supports the 1002 uprising Arduin against Henry II.

In first marriage married to an unknown woman.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adalbert de Milan
birth: estimated 880
Oberto Azzo I van Tortona
birth: estimated 915
title: 940, Marquis de Milan
death: 15 October 975
== 3 ==
Adalberto II de Milan
title: 997, Marquis de Milan
death: 997
Oberto II d'Este
birth: 947
title: Marquis de Milan
marriage: Railende van Como
death: between 1014 and 1021
== 3 ==
birth: estimated 975
marriage: Adalbert-Azzo I van Luni
death: after 1012
Adalbert-Azzo I van Luni
birth: estimated 980
marriage: Adela
death: after 1026
Manfred II Olderich of Turin
birth: about 980
marriage: Bertha van Este
death: 29 October 1034
burial: Turin, San Giovanni Cathedral
Bertha van Este
birth: estimated 990
marriage: Manfred II Olderich of Turin
death: after 4 November 1037
Kunigunde van Altdorf
birth: estimated 1020
marriage: w Albert-Azzo II van Este
death: before 1050, datum is 31 maart
burial: het Vangadizza klooster in Legnagno
Albert-Azzo II van Este
birth: 997
marriage: Kunigunde van Altdorf
death: between 1096 and 1097
burial: Legnago, Abbey of Vangadizza
Herman IV von Schwaben
birth: about 1015
title: from 1030 - 28 July 1038, Herzog von Schwaben
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
death: 28 July 1038, bij Napels
burial: Trente
Otto of Savoy
birth: about 1023
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
title: from 1046 - 16 March 1060, Margrave colleges and Turin
title: from 1048 - 16 March 1060, Count Morena
death: 19 February 1059
burial: Turin, Saint Giovanni cathedral
Heinrich von Montferrat
title: Marquis
marriage: Adelaide of Susa
death: about 1044
Adelaide of Susa
birth: between 1014 and 1020
marriage: Herman IV von Schwaben
marriage: Heinrich von Montferrat
marriage: Otto of Savoy
death: 19 December 1091
burial: Canischio, Turin, Canischio and then St Giovanni cathedral in Turin
Оттон III Швабский
birth: about 995
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
title: from 1024 - 1031, маркграф Нордгау, под именем Оттон
marriage: Матильда
title: from 1048 - 28 September 1057, герцог Швабии
death: 28 September 1057, Швайнфурт
Egbert I van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: about 1036
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
death: 11 January 1068
Othon I del Vasto
marriage: Bertha ? (of Turin)
title: about 1027, Marquis de Ligurie Occidentale
death: 31 August 1064
Bertha ? (of Turin)
birth: about 990
marriage: Othon I del Vasto
death: after 1050

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