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Manius Acilius Glabrio (Scal Balbh) b. estimated -15

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Lineage Gens Acilia
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Manius Acilius Glabrio
Other last names Scal Balbh
Other given names Atchel, Sachel, Acilius, Achillus, Achilles

Manius Acilius Glabrio [Gens Acilia] b. estimated -45



estimated -15 birth:

child birth: Scal ? (Balbh, Cruithentuaith) [?]

child birth: Manius Ascilius (Albiolus (Aviola)) [Gens Acilia]

child birth: Manius Ascilius Balbus (Morann mac Máin) [Gens Acilia]

religion: Twyatar, Worship of Divine Twins

residence: Italy, Alba Longa

death: Isle of Man, Roused from a coma by the flames of his own funeral pyre.


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Book of Ballimote mentions Scal balbh Ri Cruithentuaith acus Manaind--that is, king of Pictland in Alban and of Manann. Achilus is frequently conflatedRef needed ! with his son/grandsons resulting in a 4 generation spread during which this king produced daughters that married into the lineages of the Welsh and Irish. He is also called on occasion "Seal"Ref needed ! and is reputed to have been descended from the Selkies (seals) of Celtic mythology. The first mention of Scal is in connection with the wife of Tuathal Techtmar (Tagumatus) (Finnachta, d. 106) who took refuge with Agricola in Roman Britain in the years between AD 78 - 84. Scal is mentioned in the Annals of Irish as being the father of Tuathal's wife.

Some scholarsRef needed ! have linked Balbh with the country of Finland and others with Britain and the Isle of Man. Based on etymological study and cross referencing the records of Vindolandia it becomes apparentTo who? that at some time Achilus was stationed at Vindolandia which name has become conflated with the name Finland during the subsequent oral transmission of the legents of King Scel Balbh. Sciel (Seal Scel) Balbh (Balbus, Bealvus) canWhy? no doubt be considered to be the same ex Roman soldier Achilus Manius Glabrio (Balbus) who was stationed along the no-man's land near Hadrian's wall. That he would later be called King of the Britons would be consistent with the Roman practice of referring to the native peoples as hominum Britanum or people of Britain without distinction with regard to tribal affiliation.

Following a particularly brutal military campaign, several native pictish tribes were confined to the Isle of Mann however, they were left all male with no surviving females. Needing wives... they arranged with nearby tribesmen to import wives provided that inheritance thereafter would pass to the spindle side (Female inheritance). Thus Achilus became King of Man (Pictland in Alba) by virtue of his wife's status.

[edit] Sources

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  2. - Vindolanda letters

From grandparents to grandchildren

Manius Acilius Glabrio ((General) Aschilius)
birth: -81
title: Lieutenant under Caesar
death: after -63
Manius Acilius Glabrio
birth: estimated -45
== 3 ==
Manann ? (Abalbus (Avalbus), Cruithentuaith)
birth: Ireland
nationality: heritage from Aballava, Sarmatia
Manius Acilius Glabrio (Scal Balbh)
birth: estimated -15
religion: Twyatar, Worship of Divine Twins
residence: Italy, Alba Longa
death: Isle of Man, Roused from a coma by the flames of his own funeral pyre.
== 3 ==
Manius Ascilius Balbus (Morann mac Máin)
title: 54, Consul under Claudius
Manius Ascilius (Albiolus (Aviola))
title: Consul of Rome
occupation: 19, Soldier, Lieutenant under Tiberius in Gaul
Manius Acilius Glabrio
religion: Christian
title: 91, Rome, Consul of Rome

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