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Andronikos Dukas Komnenos Palaiologos

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Lineage Palaiologoi
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Andronikos Dukas Komnenos Palaiologos

Алексей Палеолог [Палеологи]


child birth: Константин Палеолог [Палеологи] d. 1271

title: Governor of Thessalonica

marriage: Theodora Palaiologina [Palaiologoi] d. 1200

1223 child birth: Michael VIII Palaiologos [Palaiologoi] b. 1223 d. 11 December 1282

From grandparents to grandchildren

Михаил Палеолог
birth: Римское царство
Алексей Палеолог
birth: Римское царство
marriage: Eirene Angelina
death: Римское царство
== 3 ==
Theodora Palaiologina
marriage: Andronikos Dukas Komnenos Palaiologos
death: 1200, Римское царство
== 3 ==
Michael VIII Palaiologos
birth: 1223
title: from 1 December 1259 - 25 December 1261, Emperor of Nicaea
title: from 25 December 1261 - 11 December 1282, Byzantine Emperor
death: 11 December 1282
Irene of Montferrat
birth: 1274, Casale Monferrato
title: from 1284 - 1317, Byzantine Empress consort
marriage: Andronikos II Palaiologos
death: 1317, Constantinople
Andronikos II Palaiologos
birth: 25 March 1259, Constantinople
marriage: Anna von Ungarn
title: from 11 December 1282 - 1328, Byzantine Emperor
marriage: Irene of Montferrat
death: 13 February 1332, Mount Athos
Абака Гулаків син Чингізханов
birth: 1234, Монгольская империя
marriage: Maria Palaiologina (Despina) - (Épouse d'Abaqa Khan)
title: from 1265 - 1282, ільхан
death: 1282, Хамадан, государство Хулагуидов
Eudokia Palaiologina
birth: 1265
death: 1302
Евфросинья Михайловна Палеолог
birth: Римское царство
marriage: Nogaï ou Nokhoi
death: Татарское царство

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