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Eirene Pegonites

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Lineage Pegonites
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Eirene Pegonites

Niketas Patricianus [Pegonites]


marriage: Johannes Doukas (Sebastocrator) [Dukas] b. after 1006 d. about 1088

1036 child birth: Костянтинополь, Грецьке царство, Andronikos Doukas [Dukas] b. 1036 d. 14 October 1077


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Johannes Doukas (Sebastocrator)
birth: after 1006, Empire byzantin
title: césar
marriage: Eirene Pegonites
death: about 1088, Empire byzantin
== 2 ==
Maria Kubratos
title: protovestiaria
marriage: Andronikos Doukas
death: after 1081
Andronikos Doukas
birth: 1036, Костянтинополь, Грецьке царство
title: Грецьке царство, protovestiarios
title: Грецьке царство, protoproedros
marriage: Maria Kubratos
death: 14 October 1077, Грецьке царство, œdème
Alexios I Komnenos
birth: about 1058
title: about 1075, Царьград, Греческое царство, старопедарх
title: 1078, Царьград, Греческое царство, севаст
marriage: Eirene Doukaina , Царьград, Греческое царство
title: from 4 April 1081 - 15 August 1118, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 15 August 1118
burial: монастырь Христа Человеколюбца, Царьград, Греческое царство
Eirene Doukaina
birth: about 1066
marriage: Alexios I Komnenos , Царьград, Греческое царство
title: from 1081 - 1118, цариця
death: 19 February 1123

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