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Lambert de Hornbach b. estimated 735 d. about 782

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Lineage Hornbach
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Lambert de Hornbach

Gui de Treves [Treves] b. 715


estimated 735 birth: Hornbach, Prussia

marriage: Gerberga van Laon [Laon] b. 720

761 child birth: Wido II van Hornbach [Hornbach] b. 761

estimated 770 child birth: Waldrada van Hornbach [Hornbach] b. estimated 770 d. after 823

about 782 death: Prussia

785 child birth: Hornbach, Prussia, Guiboar de Hornbach [Hornbach] b. 785 d. 804

From grandparents to grandchildren

Leutwinus de Treves
birth: 665, Austrasia, France
death: 713, Trier, Germany
Liévin de Trèves (Saint-Liévin)
birth: about 660
title: Evêque de Trèves
marriage: Willigarde de Bavière
death: 722
Gui de Treves
birth: 715
title: Count of Treves
== 3 ==
Lambert de Hornbach
birth: estimated 735, Hornbach, Prussia
marriage: Gerberga van Laon
death: about 782, Prussia
== 3 ==
Waldrada van Hornbach
birth: estimated 770
marriage: Hadrianus van Orleans
death: after 823
William Fierabrace (Toulouse et Gellone)
birth: 755, Toulouse, France
nationality: Franc
title: Count of Toulouse
death: 28 March 812, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert
Guiboar de Hornbach
birth: 785, Hornbach, Prussia
death: 804, France
Bernard of Septimania
birth: 795
marriage: Dhuoda
death: 14 February 844
Rotlinde van Gellone
birth: 775
death: 820
Lambert van Hornbach
birth: 780
death: 836
Walacho de Saint-Quentin
birth: about 772
occupation: Bobbio Pellice, Abbé de Bobbio
marriage: Rotlinde Chrodlindis de Gellone
death: 4 September 836, Bobbio Pellice

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