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Margaret Lamberton (de Lindsay) b. 1249 d. 1274

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Lineage Lindsay
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Margaret Lamberton
Other last names de Lindsay

Walter Grasmere (de Lindsay) [Grasmere] b. 1194 d. about 1 November 1271

Christiane Lamberton (de Lindsay) [Lindsay] b. 1230 d. 1249



1249 birth: Lamberton Mordington Berwickshire

1261 child birth: Craigie Rowallan Ayr, Margaret Craig (de Lindsay) [Lindsay] b. 1261

1274 death:


Also married David de Lindsay of Luffness ( a cousin).

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Ada Morvill
birth: 1210, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
William Grasmere (de Lindsay)
marriage: about 1220
title: from 1221 - 1247, Lord of Lamberton
death: 1247
William Lamberton (de Lindsay)
birth: 1198, Lamberton, Mordington, Berwickshire, Scotland
marriage: Alice de Lancaster
other: between 1221 and 1247, Lord Lamberton
death: 1247, Lamberton, Mordington, Berwickshire, Scotland
Walter Grasmere (de Lindsay)
birth: 1194, Lamberton Mordington Berwickshire
title: from 1200 - 1221, Lord of Lamberton
death: about 1 November 1271
Christiane Lamberton (de Lindsay)
birth: 1230, Lamberton Mordington Berwickshire
death: 1249, Lamberton Mordington Berwickshire
== 3 ==
William Craig (De Lindsay)
birth: 1261, Craigie Rowallan Ayr
Margaret Lamberton (de Lindsay)
birth: 1249, Lamberton Mordington Berwickshire
death: 1274
== 3 ==
William More
birth: 1269, Kilmarnock, Scotland, Rowallan Castle
death: 1348, Kilmarnock, Scotland, Rowallan Castle
Margaret Craig (de Lindsay)
birth: 1261, Craigie Rowallan Ayr
Adam More (of Rowallan)
birth: 1300, Kilmarnock, Scotland, Rowallan Castle
birth: 1323, Kilmarnock, Scotland, Rowallan Castle

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