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Marcia ? (Theodosia, Euphemia, Theodosian)

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Marcia ?
Other last names Theodosia, Euphemia, Theodosian

Flavius Marcianus (Theodosius) [Theodosia] b. 392

Wiki-page wikipedia:Marcia_Euphemia


birth: Римское царство

child birth: Marcia ? (Procopia, Alypia, Procopius) [?]

marriage: Procopius Anthemius ? (Caesar) [?]


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Her wedding to Anthemius is estimated to about 453. Her new husband was son to Procopius, "magister utriusque militiae" ("Master of Soldiers of both armies", commander of both cavalry and infantry) of the Eastern Roman Empire from 422 to 424. According to Sidonius Apollinaris, the magister militum was a namesake descendant of Procopius who had served as a rival emperor from 365 to 366 and wife Faustina, widow of Constantius II.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Galla Placidia de Rome
birth: about 389
marriage: Athulf (Aschiulf) the Visigoth
title: from 421 - 450, Impératrice
death: 27 November 450
Flavius Honorius
birth: 9 September 384
marriage: Maria
marriage: Thermantia
death: 423
Flavius Arcadius
birth: 377
title: between 395 and 408, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 1 May 408
Theodosius II
birth: 10 April 401
title: between 408 and 450, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 28 July 450
Pulcheria Theodosia
marriage: Flavius Marcianus (Theodosius)
other: between 450 and 457, Regent of Byzantium
Flavius Marcianus (Theodosius)
birth: 392, Thracia
marriage: Pulcheria Theodosia
title: between 450 and 27 January 457, Emperor of Byzantium
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Flavius ? (Richimir, Augustus, Suebi)
birth: about 405
religion: Arian Christian
marriage: Marcia ? (Procopia, Alypia, Procopius)
title: before 18 August 472, Emperor of Western Rome

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