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Apollinaris Sidonius b. 405

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Lineage Sidhe
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Apollinaris Sidonius
Other given names Afallach Taine, Caius

Apollinaris Sidonius (Praetorius) [Sidhe]

Appolinaris ? (of Rheims) [-] b. estimated 370

Papianilla [-]


405 birth:

between 425 and 455 title: Prefect of Gaul

November 430 child birth: Lyon (France), Lugdunum , Sidonius Apollinaris [Sidhe] b. November 430 d. August 489

431 child birth: Lyon (France), Severius Sidonius [Sidhe] b. 431

23 August 431 child birth: Lyon (France), Apollinaris Sidonius (Gaius Sollius Modestus Apollinaris Sidonius) [Sidhe] b. 23 August 431


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It is possible the French township of Avallon takes its name from this Gaelic King whose name means literally "Golden Apple" in the proto Gaelic tongue. It is also interesting to note the the English Isle of Glass (Glastonbury) is also called Avalon meaning "Apple Hill." Apfallon is called the King of the Blessed Isles, or the Far Lands, and is identified with the God of the Netherworld (Arawn)And so what?.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Apollinaris Sidonius
title: between 337 and 340, Prefect of Gaul
Apollinaris Sidonius (Praetorius)
other: before 409, Praetorian Prefect of Gaul
Appolinaris ? (of Rheims)
birth: estimated 370
== 3 ==
Apollinaris Sidonius
birth: 405
title: between 425 and 455, Prefect of Gaul
== 3 ==
Sidonius Apollinaris
birth: November 430, Lyon (France), Lugdunum
occupation: Poet
marriage: Avia Papianilla
death: August 489
Severius Sidonius
birth: 431, Lyon (France)
Modron ? (of the Shining Isles, Sidhe)
birth: Lyon (France), Lugdunum

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