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Amauri de Montfort b. estimated 990 d. after April 1052

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Lineage Montfort-l'Amaury
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Amauri de Montfort

William Harlebec (Bastonburg de Hainault) [Montfort-l'Amaury] b. 967 d. 1003

Albreda Montfort (de Esperon) [Montfort]


estimated 990 birth: Montfort Normandy France

estimated 1025 child birth: w Simon I de Montfort [Montfort-l'Amaury] b. estimated 1025 d. 25 September 1087

after April 1052 death:


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  • Montfort Normandy France

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Probably: Montfort-l'Amaury

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Nn van Henegouwen
birth: estimated 920
William Harlebec (Bastonburg de Hainault)
birth: 967, Paris, France
death: 1003
== 3 ==
Bertrade de Gommets
birth: estimated 1000
death: after April 1052
Amauri de Montfort
birth: estimated 990, Montfort Normandy France
death: after April 1052
== 3 ==
Agnes d'Évreux
birth: after 1040
death: 1087
Simon I de Montfort
birth: estimated 1025
burial: estimated 1087, Épernon
death: 25 September 1087
Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin)
birth: 1043
marriage: Hildegarde de Baugency
marriage: Ermengarde de Bourbon
title: 1068, Comte d'Anjou
title: 1068, comte de Tours [[Catégorie:Comtes de Tours|1068]]
marriage: Aurengarde de Chatelaillon
other: Aurengarde de Chatelaillon , Répudiation
marriage: w Bertrade de Montfort
other: de Brienne , Répudiation
other: w Bertrade de Montfort , Séparation
death: 14 April 1109
Philip I Capet
birth: 23 May 1052
other: 23 May 1059, Co-roi des Francs
title: from 4 August 1060 - 29 July 1108, Roi des Francs
marriage: Bertha of Holland
other: Bertha of Holland , Répudiation
marriage: w Bertrade de Montfort
death: 23 July 1108, Melun
burial: after 29 July 1108, Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, abbey
Bertrade de Montfort
birth: 1070
title: 1088
marriage: Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin)
title: 1092, Reine des Francs
other: Fulk IV d Anjou (Le Rechin) , Séparation
marriage: Philip I Capet
death: 14 February 1117
Agnès de Garlande
birth: 1112
marriage: w Amalrich III von Montfort
title: 1120, Dame de Montfort-l'Amaury et Comtesse d'Evreux
marriage: Robert Ier de Dreux (dit : le Grand)
title: 1139, Princesse de France
death: 1143
Amalrich III von Montfort
title: seigneur de Montfort-l'Amaury
title: comte d'Évreux
marriage: Agnès de Garlande
death: 1137
Guillaume 1er Crespin
other: 1066, Hastings (Grande-Bretagne)
property: estimated 1070, Bournainville-Faverolles (27), seigneur de Bournainville
marriage: Eve de Montfort
death: after 1082

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