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Ann Fletcher Dixon b. 1730

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Lineage Dixon
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ann Fletcher Dixon

Jacob Dixon (Disson) [Dixon] b. 24 August 1706 bur. 23 August 1758

Mary Fletcher [Fletcher] b. 13 March 1709



1730 birth: Cockermouth, England

September child birth: Eaglesfield (Cumbria), England, Moorland Close (?) - Then in Cumberland, w Fletcher Christian [Christian] b. September d. 20 September 1793

25 September 1764 child birth: Eaglesfield (Cumbria), Cumberland, England, Great Britain, Moorland Close, w Fletcher Christian [Christian] b. 25 September 1764 d. 20 September 1793

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Joseph Dixon
birth: 24 January 1691, St.Botolph, Aldgate, Lndn, Eng
death: 10 January 1724, St.Mary White Chap., Lndn, Eng
John Dixon (Disson)
birth: about 1680
residence: Kirkland (Copeland), England, Then in Cumberland
occupation: Shoemaker
death: 27 September 1736, Lamplugh, England, then in Cumberland
Jacob Dixon (Disson)
birth: 24 August 1706, Lamplugh, England, Then in Cumberland
residence: England, Moorland Close, Cumberland, England
occupation: Dyer
burial: 23 August 1758, Lamplugh, England
Mary Fletcher
birth: 13 March 1709, England, Ennerdale, Cumberland, England
birth: 15 December 1760, Lamplugh, England, then in Cumberland
== 3 ==
Lancelot Dixon
residence: Kirkland (Copeland), England
occupation: House Carpenter
baptism: 5 October 1729, Lamplugh, England, then in Cumberland
Charles Christian
birth: 12 December 1729, Little Broughton, Cumbria, England, Dearham
residence: Cockermouth, England
occupation: Attourney
death: 1768, Brigham (Cumbria), England
Ann Fletcher Dixon
birth: 1730, Cockermouth, England
== 3 ==
Fletcher Christian
birth: September, Eaglesfield (Cumbria), England, Moorland Close (?) - Then in Cumberland
death: 20 September 1793, Pitcairn Island, South Pacific
Fletcher Christian
birth: 25 September 1764, Eaglesfield (Cumbria), Cumberland, England, Great Britain, Moorland Close
death: 20 September 1793, Pitcairn Island
Thursday October Christian
birth: 14 October 1790
death: 21 April 1831
Edward Young
birth: about 1796, Pitcairn Island
marriage: Polly Christian (Young)
death: 6 November 1831, Pitcairn Island
Dorothy Young (Buffett)
birth: 1797, Pitcairn Island
marriage: John Buffett
death: 24 April 1863, Pitcairn Island
James Young
birth: 1799, Pitcairn Island
death: 1806, Pitcairn Island
Thursday October Christian
birth: 7 October 1790, Pitcairn Island
death: 21 April 1831, Papeete, Tahiti
Charles Christian
birth: about 1792, Pitcairn Island
death: 14 January 1842, Pitcairn Island
Mary Ann Christian
birth: 21 September 1793, Pitcairn Island
death: 2 January 1866, Pitcairn Island

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